Upcoming Cyclic Law Releases

From Cyclic Law:


KAMMARHEIT “The Starwheel” CD (12th Cycle)
Back In Stock in New, Remastered, Digipack version!

KAMMARHEIT “Asleep And Well Hidden” CD (3rd Cycle)
Back In Stock in it’s original cardborad version!


TRIANGULAR ASCENSION “Leviathan Device” CD (34th Cycle)
Triangular Ascension is the debut album by Venezuela’s Frederico Agreda and a much welcomed addition to the Cyclic Law Roster. Taking inspiration from Thomas Hobbes book “Leviathan”, the album aims to depict the inner nightmare of the reality of mankind, ever dwelling in fear and self-destruction. Upon activation of the “Device”, the water once used by the Elohim to create life, rages over the lands cleansing the planet from every living creature that crawls the soil, concluding in a post-apocalyptic requiem sung by the leviathans themselves.The music translates into a carefully crafted work full of cinematic drones of ruthless atmospheric power, destined to make Triangular Ascension a name to be reckoned with.


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PSYCHOMANTEUM “Oneironaut” CD (33rd Cycle)
Available April 15 2011

Also Available soon:
VORTEX “Rockdrill” CD (35th Cycle)
NEW RISEN THRONE “Loneliness Of Hidden Structures” CD (38th Cycle)


KARJALAN SISSIT “s/t” CD (36th Cycle)
KARJALAN SISSIT “Miserere” CD (37th Cycle)