Sacred scrape: Stuck on Peter Brötzmann

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Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches has a lot to say on Brotzmann:

I’ve been listening to little other than Peter Brötzmann lately. (The new Strokes album, which I’m really digging, is an exception—review in TONY next week.) I wrote here about a Tony Malaby/Paul Motian listening jag, and about how I often find myself thusly stuck, happily, in this or that groove. I tend to know what puts me there (in this case, it was Destination Out’s posting of a fine Brötzmann solo album, 14 Love Poems [Plus 10 More], preceded by a flat-out incredible Brötzmann/Andrew Cyrille duo album), and to not know what’ll get me out. I’m very much okay with.

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