String Quartet Ethel in the First Half of 2011

Some performance dates from ETHEL Central:

Jan 15: Gild Hall, Arden, DE
Jan 27: Hazard, KY
Jan 29: Hillsdale, MI
Feb 3: Denver, CO
Feb 4: Loveland, CO
Feb 19: Urbana, IL
Mar 6: Blue Bell, PA
Mar 11: Herkimer, NY
Mar 22: Chapel Hill, NC
Mar 26: Summit, NJ
Mar 28 – Apr 4: Netherlands
Apr 8: New London, CT
Apr 9: Burlington, VT
Apr 11: New York City, NY
Apr 14: Akron, OH
Apr 15: Lewisburg, PA
Apr 27: Paramus, NJ
Apr 29-30: Seattle, WA
May 23: New York City, NY
Jun 3: Ada, OK
Jul 10: Boston, MA
Jul 16: Woodstock, NY
Jul 23: San Francisco, CA

“Present Beauty” 9-City Tour:
ETHEL continues its Present Beauty nationwide tour. EHTEL presents a program celebrating the concepts of Presence and Continuity, featuring the group’s own string quartet arrangement of Philip Glass’ score from The Hours. Additional works will be drawn from ETHEL’s extensive body of fascinating and original material.
Jan 15 – Arden, DE Jan 27 – Hazard, KY Jan 29 – Hillsdale, MI Feb 3 – Denver, CO Feb 4 – Loveland, CO Mar 6 – Blue Bell, PA Mar 11 – Herkimer, NY Apr 27 – Paramus, NJ Apr 29-30 – Seattle, WA Jun 3 – Ada, OK Jul 16 – Woodstock, NY

Native American Performances/Residencies/Outreach:
ETHEL has brought several workshops, tours, and performances to American Indian reservations over the ensemble’s 12-year history, both as part of ETHEL’s TruckStop® project, as well as in their role as Ensemble-in-Residence as part of the Native American Composers Apprenticeship Project (NACAP). ETHEL continues its efforts throughout the 2011 season with performances/educational outreach at the Chickasaw Festival.
June 3 – 4 – Chickasaw Festival: Oklahoma

“John the Revelator” Tour with Lionheart:
ETHEL, along with the all-male vocal ensemble Lionheart, brings the elaborate choral Mass of Phil Kline’s John the Revelator-A Mass for Six Voices (Cantaloupe, 2009) to the stage in a four-city tour. According to Audiophile Magazine, “ETHEL, an alternative string quartet, handles Kline’s patchwork quilt of ideas with aplomb.”
Feb 19 – Urbana, IL Mar 22 – Chapel Hill, NC Apr 8 – New London, CT
Apr 9 – Burlington, VT

ETHEL Concert Tour:
ETHEL plays selections from its vast repertoire both here in the state and overseas.
Mar 26 – Temple Sinai of Summit, Summit, NJ
Mar 28 – Apr 4 – Speech Music Tour: Netherlands including Tilburg, Heerlen, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and Middelburg
Apr 14 – Akron, OH, Music of the Sun with guest Robert Mirabal
Apr 15 – Weis Center, Lewisburg, PA, Music of the Sun with guest Robert Mirabal
Jul 10 – New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
Jul 23 – TruckStop® Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, with guest Hafez Modirzadeh

World Premieres in New York City:
In 2011, ETHEL is slated to premiere a plethora of new works including four commissioned by ETHEL.
Apr 11 – Meet The Composer Festival: New York City, NY, @ Le Poisson Rouge, feat. world premieres in a double bill with Alarm Will Sound
May 23 – Tribeca Festival: New York City, NY, feat. ETHEL’s HomeBaked: four works commissioned by ETHEL

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