Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Death In June – Peaceful Snow
Sturmgeschütz, Gigant & Dead Body Collec – Untitled Collabration
Matmos, Wobbly and J Lesser – Simultaneous Quodlibet
Landed – How Little Will It Take
Kid606 – Songs About Fucking Steve Albini
Paintings for Animals – Thee Forest ov Psalms
Sleeping Peonies – Rose Curl, Sea Swirl
Alo Girl – Catharsis
Jozef Van Wissem – Ex Patris
Aleph Naught – Coagula
Lull – Like a slow river
Vargrwulf – Walls III: Rock and roll will never die
The Stargazer’s Assistant – Shivers and Voids
Fennesz Daniell Buck – Knoxville
Lonesummer – Satisfaction Feels Like a Tomb
Bördel Noïr – Notre- Dame De Bonne Mort
Å – Que Crève Le Vieux Monde

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