Thieke / Wooley / Drury in Brooklyn

From Andrew Drury:

Tuesday, November 30, 8pm, Soup & Sound House Concert #4

Michael Thieke (Berlin) clarinet
Nate Wooley (NYC) trumpet
Andrew Drury (NYC) percussion
+ X.L. (Paris) solo electronics

292 Lefferts Ave. (b/n Rogers & Nostrand), Brooklyn
718.462.9503 (phone will be off during show)

Soup & Sound House Concerts bring marginalized music to New York in a hospitable environment with homemade food.  Past performances have featured Andrea Parkins, Chris Speed, Jack Wright, Briggan Krauss, Dragos Tara, Reuben Radding, Kyoko Kitamura, Jason Kao Hwang, Oscar Noriega.

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