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From the Vision Festival people:

269 E Houston St, New York (corner of Suffolk St)

November 29

Michael Attias

· 7pm : Vocal Improv. Session #6
“Kitamura’s voice is an amazing instrument” – Hartford Courant
Geraldine Eguiluz (voice) / Kyoko Kitamura (voice)
Satoshi Takeshi (percussions)

· 8pm : Geraldine Eguiluz Albedo – SOLO
Geraldine Eguiluz (voice)

· 9pm : Quantum Entanglements
“Filiano can play anything in any context and make it work”
– Chris Kelsey
Ken Filiano (bass) / Tony Malaby (tenor & soprano sax)
Michael Attias (alto & baritone sax) / Michael T.A Thomas (ds)

· 10pm : Michael Attias & Satoshi Takeishi Duo
“Attias is clearly an inspired improviser” – All About Jazz
Michael Attias (sax) / Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

December 6

William Hooker

· 7pm : Felice Rosser’s FAITH
“One of the most promising bands” – The New York Times
Felice Rosser (electric bass & voice)
Nao Hakamada (guitar) / Billy Ficca (drums)

· 8pm : Sara Serpa Group
“Sara Serpa transcends everything” – Lucid Culture
Andre Matos (guitar) / Ben Street (bass)
Adam Cruz (drums) / Sara Serpa (voice)

· 9pm : William Hooker Quartet
“Hooker manipulates his ensemble of drums to tell a
wholly different story” – All About Jazz
Chris DiMeglio (trumpet) / Dave Ross (guitar)
Adam Lane (bass) / William Hooker (drums)

· 10pm : James Ilgenfritz Anagram Sextet
“rhythmic angularity, and extended improvisational forms”
– Roulette NYC
James Ilgenfritz (bass) / Nate Wooley (trumpet)
Jeff Davis (ds) / Josh Sinton (baritone sax & bass clarinet)
Chris Welcome (gtr) / Ryan Blotnick (guitar)

December 13

Roy Campbell

· 7pm : Sarah Bernstein Unearthish
“Poetic text and percussion, combining song, improvisation, electronic and folkloric elements”
Sarah Bernstein (violin & voice) / Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

· 8pm : Mossa Bildner & the IMProvisers Quintet
+ Joe McPhee
“Mossa Bildner has worked with me and her vocalese was fantastic”- Henry Threadgill
Mossa Bildner (voice) / Hill Greene (bass)
Steve Swell (trombone) / Daniel Levin (cello)
Warren Smith (drums) / Joe McPhee (sax)

· 9pm : Roy Campbell Solo
” An unassumingly rich and confident sound ” – The Village Voice
Roy Campbell (trmpt, pocket trmpt, flugelhorn & flute)

· 10pm : Timucin Sahin Group
“An intriguing, original and witty listen” – Jazzwise
TImucin Sahin (electric fretless guitar)
John O’Gallagher (alto sax) / Hans Glawisching (bass)

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