Jazzwerkstatt at New York's Irondale

We’re a little late on this one, but you can catch two nights’ performances at Irondale:

What: 3 day mini-festival/Jazzwerkstatt Berlin-New York
When: November 26, 27, 28 (various times 8pm/4pm)
Where: Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY (2/3/4/5/ to Atlantic, C train to Lafayette
Cost: $25 per event
Info: http://www.irondale.org

Brooklyn, NY: Jazzwerkstatt, a wide-ranging European record label, will present an eclectic, exciting 3 day mini festival at the Irondale Center, November 26, 27 & 28. Founded in 2006 by Ulli Blobel, Jazzwerkstatt has documented historical moments in jazz at concerts and workshops occurring in Berlin. The creation of Jazzwerkstatt has enabled both old and new recordings to be released, encouraging a new generation of musicians to thrive in a broad stylistic range. Jazzwerkstatt Berlin – New York opens up a fascinating dialogue between musicians from two cities essential to the creation of improvised music.

Full Schedule of Events:

Friday, November 26, 8pm
Hyperactive Kid
Philipp Groppe, tenor saxophone, Ronnie Graup, guitar, Christian Lillinger, drums
Hyperactive Kid always has their finger on the pulse and has become the poster child of Berlin youngsters.

Der Moment
Gerhard Gschlößl, trombone, Johannes Fink, bass, Baby Sommer, percussion
A relic of improvisation is embraced by two young guns. Imagination enters into a dialogue with power, revolt and clashes with experience. Here we have a trio as contradictory, logical and vibrant as life itself.

Saturday, November 27, 4pm
Christof Thewes, trombone, Jan Rode, bass, Michael Griener, drums
Humour and freedom but no extremism. With brilliance and subtleness Squakk answers the probing questions of today’s jazz with virtuoso understatement.

Ulrich Gumpert & Günter Baby Sommer
Ulrich Gumpert, piano, Günter Baby Sommer, percussion
One of the oldest still performing duos of German Jazz weaves together marches, waltzes and folk songs creating a metamusic full of esprit and a sense of history.

Saturday, November 27, 8pm
Paul Brody’s Sadawi
Paul Brody, trumpet, Matt Darriau, saxophone, clarinet, Brandon Seabrook, guitar, banjo, Jan Roder, bass, Michael Greiner, drums
This is where Klezmer clashes with Country: Paul Brodys transatlantic band Sadawi is bringing radical Jewish culture to the Blue Mountains and the Indian summer to the heart of the German capital.

Rolf Kühn & Tri-O
Rolf Kühn, Clarinet, Ronny Graupe, guitar, Johannes Fink, bass, Christian Lillinger, drums
Here one of the pioneers of the German Jazz scene not only meets his musical grandchildren but their opposing concepts of playing also form a new kind of mainstream – almost.

Sunday, November 28, 8pm
Henrik Walsdorff Trio
Henrik Walsdorff, tenor saxophone, Christian Lillinger, bass, Jonas Westergaard, drums
One of the most powerful voices on the Berlin jazz sector. Saxophone titan Henrik Walsdorff performs with his own trio – his musical revolt is a natural phenomenon.

Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band
Ulrich Gumpert, piano, Michael Thieke, alto saxophone, clarinet, Ben Abarbanel-Wolff, saxophones, Henrik Walsdorff, soprano saxophone, Paul Brody, trumpet, Christof Thewes, trombone, Jan Roder, bass, Michael Griener, drums
The core of East German jazz disobedience after the ‚retreading’. The Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band unites in 2010 east and west, old and young and, what is more, expands across the Pond.

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RIP Peter Christopherson


Cult musician, video director and designer Peter ‘Sleazy‘ Christopherson has died aged 55. Christopherson, who played in a number of bands including Throbbing Gristle and Coil, passed away on Wednesday (November 24) at home in Bangkok, Thailand.

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DMG Newsletter November 26th, 2010

Vision Festival
Image by andynew via Flickr

From DMG:

Leo Smith/Ed Blackwell ’84! Adam Rudolph HUGE Go:Organic Orchestra Project! Taylor Ho Bynum/John Hebert/Gerald Cleaver! Ab Baars! G9 Summit: Gschlossl/Schlippenbach/Mahall/Dorner..! Tippett/Watts Qt! Perry Robinson Trio! Paal Nilssen-Love! Bennink/Ex/Brodie! Hubback/Diesner! Les Structures Sonores!..


Downtown Music Gallery FREE In-Store Performance Schedule Continues with:

Sunday, November 28th – No In-Store –
Please Check Out the JazzWerkStatt Fest listed below!

Sunday, December 5th – Rare Triple-header featuring at:
8pm: MICHAEL THIEKE – Solo Clarinetist from the International Nothing (Berlin)

Sunday, December 12th at 6pm:
BEN GERSTEIN & GARTH STEVENSON! Smokin’ Trombone & Bass Duo!


December 26th & January 2nd – Happy Holidays! NO In-Stores

Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 6pm:

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 at 6pm:
DARIUS JONES & BEN GERSTEIN! Amazing Alto Sax & Trombone Duo!

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 at 6pm:
Clean Feed Recording Artists: HNH featuring:

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 at 6pm:
Outstanding New Guitar/Trumpet/Drums Trio!

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Eyal Maoz Shows in New York

Cover of "Edom"
Cover of Edom

From Eyal Maoz:

Edom (Tzadik Records) Live at Pianos (NYC)
Date: Saturday November 27 at 9 PM
Venue: Pianos
Venues address: 158 Ludlow Street?New York, NY 10002
Telephone: (212) 505-3733
Event URL: http://www.pianosnyc.com/showroom
Cover price: $10 for the whole night of 4 bands!
Music genre: jazz/world/rock

Event description:
Rare Edom performance in a trio setting: Where Jazz meets New Wave, and echoes of Joy Division are counterposed with John Zorn’s Electric Masada, begins the rocking odyssey of Edom. With Eyal Maoz – guitar; Shanir Blumenkranz – bass and Yuval Lion – drums.

Eyal Maoz (acoustic guitar) / AVI AVITAL (mandolin) – solos and duets. Curated by Marc Ribot and Marco Cappelli
Date: Tuesday, December 14 at 10 PM
Venue: Watty and Meg Retaurant
Venues address: 248 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: 718- 643 0007
Event URL: http://www.wattyandmeg.com
Cover price: $10
Music genre: Acoustic guitar – Experimental
Name of the presenter (if needed): Eyal Maoz

Event description:
Curated by Marc Ribot and Marco Cappelli, Eyal Maoz is invited to perform a solo set at this intriguing concert series that brings two acoustic guitarists into a 30 minutes solo set each, and a duet session, that may be joined by Ribot or Cappelli.

Eyal Maoz is a renown guitarist and composer, Tzadik and Ayler Records artists, bandleader and member of numerous music ensembles and a guest guitarist of John Zorn’s Cobra.

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