Support Ars Nova Workshop and Others for the Holidays

Philadelphia’s Ars Nova Workshop is asking for donations. If you can afford to give a them a gift this holiday season, please consider doing so. As any reader of this site will knows, Ars Nova puts on a number of excellent shows every year.

Since there is so much avant / free / creative / weird music going on around the world each week, some might believe that organizations like Ars Nova are financially secure, but that’s rarely the case. Most get by on the donations of money and time of volunteers, and the hard work of unpaid or barely-paid individuals.

Every so often I donate the proceeds of ads run on AMN to an organization or person in need. In the past, this has included David S. Ware, Chicago’s, and a venue (unfortunately now defunct) in New York. For the month of December 2010, I’ll donate the proceeds of our ads to Ars Nova Workshop.

So, if you don’t have the inclination or money to donate directly, you can support Ars Nova indirectly though this site.

Thanks and happy holidays.

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