French revolutionaries Boulez and Barraqué in Boston

Pierre Boulez, a friend of Górecki during the ...
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A review of a recent performance, as part of a series dedicated to Boulez, from The Boston Globe:

It’s hard to believe, but that perpetual enfant terrible Pierre Boulez, the composer/conductor whose trailblazing music has been inspiring and infuriating people for decades now, turned 85 on March 26. To celebrate, Boston Conservatory is throwing him a birthday bash — four concerts in four days featuring his influential work.

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Upcoming New York Shows

Drummer Tom Rainey perforrming live in concert...
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From NY’s Arts for Art, Inc.:

November 15

· 7pm : Bill Cole Untempered Ensemble
Bill Cole (double reeds horn) / Warren Smith (drums)
Joe Daley (tuba) / Atticus Cole (percussion) / Ras Moshe (sax)
Shayna Dulberger (bass) / Althea SullyCole (vocals)

· 8pm : MacGomez
Jean Carla Rodea (voice & electronics)
Juan Pablo Carletti (dms, electronics)
Emilie Weibel (voice & loops)

· 9pm : Five at Nine
Bradley Farberman (guitar) / Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax)
Ehran Elisha (ds) / Roy Campbell (trpt) / James Ilgenfritz (bs)

· 10pm : Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch
Lisa Mezzacappa (bass) / Vijay Anderson (drums)
John Finbeiner (electric guitar) / Aaron Bennett (sax)

November 22

· 7pm : urBan-COO
Maryanne DeProphetis (voice, words)
Landon Knoblock (keyboard)
Ron Horton (trumpet)

· 8pm : Dafna Naphtali
Dafna Naphtali (voice, live sound processing, electronics)
Shayna Dulberger (bass) / Andrew Drury (drums, percussion)
Ras Moshe (sax, flute)

· 9pm : John Hebert Trio
John Hebert (bass) / Tom Rainey (drums)
Bennie Wallace (tenor)

· 10pm : Kenny Wessel Quartet
Lisa Parott (sax) / Kenny Wessel (guitar)
Matt Pavolka (bass) / Russ Meissner (drums)

November 29

· 7pm : Vocal Improv Session #6
Geraldine Eguiluz (voice) / Kyoko Kitamura (voice)
Satoshi Takeshi (percussions)

· 8pm : Geraldine Eguiluz Albedo – SOLO
Geraldine Eguiliuz (voice)

· 9pm : Quantum Entanglements
Ken Filiano (bass) / Tony Malaby (tenor & soprano sax)
Michael Attias (alto & baritone sax) / Michael T.A Thomas (ds)

· 10pm : Michael Attias & Satoshi Takeishi Duo
Michael Attias (sax) / Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

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