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Robert Rich
Cover of Robert Rich

From Musique Machine:

Cindytalk – Up Here in the Clouds
Phantom – Smoke And Mirrors
Brown – Brown Rainbow
Churner/Hostage Pageant – Selt Titled
Rough Sex Quartet – Autobiography of a Seductress
Churner – Coffin Angel
Various Artists – Teaism: Music Inspired By The Art And Culture Of T
Sturmgeschütz – Lined-up
Lasse Marhaug – Beauty Without Mercy
Jazkammer – Chestnut Thornback Tar
Antihuman – Annular Cancer
Fredrik Klingwall – The Resilience
Dewolff – Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants
Robert Rich – Ylang
Seaworthy & Matt Rösner – Two Lakes

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