Garrison Fewell On The Jazz Session

From Improvised Communications:

Boston-based guitarist/composer Garrison Fewell is Jason Crane’s guest on the latest episode of the popular interview podcast, The Jazz Session, posted today. He is currently promoting Sound Particle 47 on Creative Nation Music, his second release with the Variable Density Sound Orchestra featuring Roy Campbell (trumpet), Steve Swell (trombone), Achille Succi (alto sax and bass clarinet), Kelly Roberge (tenor sax), Eric Hofbauer (guitar), John Voigt (bass), Dmitry Ishensko (bass) and Miki Matsuki (drums).

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Fred Frith's setup, Wallingford, Seattle, 2009...
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Alex Ross is interviewed about his new book.

Taking place tonite, as well as over the next couple of weekends in Prague, the Contempuls, festival of contemporary music is previewed.

The NewIdeas MusicSeries III takes place next weekend in New York.

Also taking place in New York, but during the week, is the VitalVox festival.

Long-lost recordings of Fred Frith in Japan have been released on RER USA.

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