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Boxed set shows jazz musician Threadgill’s creativity, range

From St. Louis Today:

One of the true visionaries of jazz, composer-saxophonist-flutist Henry Threadgill occupies a zone of his own. He’s not exactly famous — if asked to name an important living jazz artist, most people would more likely cite Wynton Marsalis. Yet Threadgill isn’t quite obscure, having recorded some of the most challengingly imaginative jazz albums of the last 40 years — some of it, improbably, for major labels. That music, originally released from the 1970s through the ’90s and some of which had fallen out of print, has been reissued as “The Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings of Henry Threadgill & Air” on the Mosaic label ($136, The eight-CD boxed set covers 11 albums and features Threadgill’s sax-bass-drums trio, Air; his chamber-style ensemble, X-75; his Sextett group (which was actually a septet); and his combos Very Very Circus and Make a Move.