Furthernoise October 2010 Issue

From furthernoise.org:

October / November 2010

Type Records have released a triptych of material by ambient overlord Thomas Köner and Alan Lockett has been issued with passport to a vast enveloping expanse of Elsewhereness for a taster of Nunatak-Teimo-Permafrost.

Bay Oslo Mirror Trio and SEKSTETT are two new “free improv” releases from musicians in Oslo and the San Fransisco Bay area. Our man in New York, Derek Morton, takes time out to survey these two albums, and the improvisational nexus of the Conrad Sound label.

Next in line is the FOSS ethics of NOISH~ (aka Oscar Martin) with his new release ccatnoise&capitalism.pdf>>/dev/dsp. Derek takes a quantitative approach to listening to this text as source inspired release.

Emerald by Elve is next on Alan Lockett’s roster, as he samples the sonically-mediated voyages of Cornish pastoralist, Matt Hillier.

Myriad Trails by Garden Hall aka Jer McCormick is next on the list, as Alan surveys the ‘experimental, minimalist, ambient textures’ of the Irish midlands. Alan then casts his ambient net even further, reeling in the texture and soft-tone drone of David Wells’ latest, Rojo.

The piano-based electronica of Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci comes under Caleb Deupree’s scrutiny, as he gets up close to Distances, his new release as Obsil.

Staying with the piano theme, Caleb also flags up Richard Lainhart’s Cranes Fly West, which unusually sees Lainhart flipping the lid of a stand up, manipulating the strings for texture and tone.

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