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From Cryptogramophone:

DIRTY BABY CD boxed set by NELS CLINE hits the streets TODAY, October 12th.

Born of a provocative mating of art and music, DIRTY BABY is guitarist/composer Nels Cline and poet/producer David Breskin’s visionary recontextualization of Ed Ruscha‘s “censor strip” paintings. This sumptuous double-CD box set includes more than an hour-and-a-half of new music by Cline for two large ensembles, paired booklets with reproductions of 66 Ruscha pictures, and insightful liner notes by Nels in a third booklet graced by session photos. Supporting musicians include Jon Brion; cohorts Scott Amendola and Devin Hoff; Nels’ twin brother Alex Cline; and some of L.A.’s most illustrious instrumentalists and improvisers. Cline’s orchestrations offer a panoply of sound and vision: from pedal steel and cigarbox guitars to harmonica, banjo ukulele, violin, cello, saxophone and trumpet, all the way through Cline’s mysterious Quintronics Drum Buddy. In both composition and execution, this is a recording of ambition, scope and surprise: it sheds new light (and new sound) on Ruscha’s groundbreaking images, and provides a major feast in its own right. An

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Furthernoise October 2010 Issue


October / November 2010

Type Records have released a triptych of material by ambient overlord Thomas Köner and Alan Lockett has been issued with passport to a vast enveloping expanse of Elsewhereness for a taster of Nunatak-Teimo-Permafrost.

Bay Oslo Mirror Trio and SEKSTETT are two new “free improv” releases from musicians in Oslo and the San Fransisco Bay area. Our man in New York, Derek Morton, takes time out to survey these two albums, and the improvisational nexus of the Conrad Sound label.

Next in line is the FOSS ethics of NOISH~ (aka Oscar Martin) with his new release ccatnoise&capitalism.pdf>>/dev/dsp. Derek takes a quantitative approach to listening to this text as source inspired release.

Emerald by Elve is next on Alan Lockett’s roster, as he samples the sonically-mediated voyages of Cornish pastoralist, Matt Hillier.

Myriad Trails by Garden Hall aka Jer McCormick is next on the list, as Alan surveys the ‘experimental, minimalist, ambient textures’ of the Irish midlands. Alan then casts his ambient net even further, reeling in the texture and soft-tone drone of David Wells’ latest, Rojo.

The piano-based electronica of Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci comes under Caleb Deupree’s scrutiny, as he gets up close to Distances, his new release as Obsil.

Staying with the piano theme, Caleb also flags up Richard Lainhart’s Cranes Fly West, which unusually sees Lainhart flipping the lid of a stand up, manipulating the strings for texture and tone.

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Ron Anderson Update

From Ron Anderson:

First I have a gig with a new band called Maxim Bass! Stefan Zeniuk – Bass Saxophone, Glenn Johnson – Ron Anderson – Bass. We are going on second and playing with Time Travel, MJ-12 and Zilmrah. This will all take place tomorrow night October 13th starting at 8pm at the Silent Barn – 915 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens, NY 11385. Easy access from the L-train.

And now: as you may already know I have been working on the new PAK CD for some time now. I have news; I just had the confirmation from John Zorn and I want to let you all know that the new PAK CD will be released on Tzadik as part of the composer series! The target release date will be sometime in April. I’m extremely happy about this, I feel that the music on this CD is something that has taking 30 years to create, maybe my masterpiece. I feel so lucky to have worked with so many amazing musicians on this one. It’s their great playing that made this music come to life. I can’t wait for you all to hear it! I promise it will be worth the wait.

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Steve Swell and Mikolaj Trzaska in Chicago Wednesday

From the Chicago Reader:

New York trombonist Steve Swell is one of improvised music‘s most tireless figures, a musician who seems to take sustenance from working constantly in countless contexts, both as leader and sideman. His calling card is blustery, hard-charging free jazz—the kind of energy music he’s been playing for two decades with the likes of William Parker, Rob Brown, Rob Mazurek, and Gebhard Ullman. Swell is bandleader of several projects, most with shifting personnel, and one of the most interesting—and certainly the most germane to his performance Wednesday night at the Velvet Lounge with Polish reedist Mikolaj Trzaska—is a trio outing from last year called Planet Dream (Clean Feed).

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Guillermo Bron & Tim DuRoche in Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

Jazz Improv with Guillermo E. Brown and Tim DuRoche
October 12, doors at 6:00 pm
Design Within Reach Portland Studio
1200 NW Everett St.
Free, All Ages

“Visiting artist for the MFA in Visual Studies program Guillermo E. Brown collaborates with local artist Tim DuRoche on an evening of improvised jazz percussion music and performance. Brown is a musician, multidisciplinary performer and producer/composer featured on over 25 recordings. Refusing to be contained by any one genre, he is an anomaly among New York’s free jazz performers. DuRoche is a jazz musician-composer and conceptual artist who thrives on the slim boundaries between art, utility, entertainment and civic engagement. He creates site-specific performances, sound installations, composition, intermedia collaboration and performs frequently at nightclubs and festivals.”

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Locrian – The Crystal World
Guillaume Gargaud – She
Hrossharsgrani – Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est
Jacaszek – Pentral
Werewolf Jerusalem – Nightmare Park
Frank Bretschneider – EXP
The Sun Turns Black – The Sky Is Riven
Churner – Adhesive
Segment Aura – Libido
Vomir/ The Godless Girl – Le Vide
Å – Le travail doit être maudit
Ural Umbo – Ural Umbo
J.D. Emmanuel – Solid Dawn: Electronic Works 1979-1982