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From Free Jazz:

Hugo Antunes – Roll Call (Clean Feed, 2010) ****
Exploding Star Orchestra – Stars Have Shapes (Delmark, 2010) ****½
William Parker – I Plan To Stay A Believer/The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield (AUM Fidelity, 2010) **½

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November at Roulette

Henry Threadgill
Cover of Henry Threadgill

From New York’s Roulette:

Aki Onda & MV Carbon
Thu Nov 4 – 8:30 PM
Analog fetishists and sonic spectacle-makers Aki Onda and MV Carbon combine forces, cassettes, cellos, synths, mics, amps, magnets, wires and echoes in unique experimental electronic collaboration. Aki Onda is an electronic musician, composer, and photographer who is particularly known for his Cassette Memories project – works compiled from a “sound diary” of field-recordings collected by Onda over a span of two decades. MV Carbon is a Brooklyn based musician and artist. She is recognized for her unconventional approach to music and her use of tape machines, cello and circuit bent devices.

Chris Cochrane: Solo and Ensemble Concert
Fri Nov 5 – 8:30 PM
Structured and not structured improvisation: dynamic, ear-splitting silence amidst the ever-shifting drones over loud conversation. Tonight guitarist/composer Chris Cochrane presents two sets: one for solo guitar and voice with excerpts from his piece Them, and another with Annie Gosfield, Roger Kleier, Miguel Fransconi, and Richard Carrick. Cochrane has played with Eszter Balint, Zeena Parkins, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Jim Pugliese and many others.

Anders Nilsson
Sat Nov 6 – 8:30 PM
“Nilsson’s shimmering axe evokes a dimensional warp.” – Signal to Noise
Expanding upon previous work with Fulminate Trio, Aorta Ensemble, improvisational NYC collaborations, and solo guitar, Anders Nilsson takes this opportunity to present new music for a special Octet of musicians. Exploring relationships between expression – openness, structure – freedom through instrumental stories, this music draws from the Swing Era, Film Noir scores, Jazz-Rock, free music and beyond.

Adam Rudolphs Go Organic Orchestra
Mon Nov 8, 15, 22, 29 – 8:30 PM
” I caught a performance Go: Organic Orchestra down in SoHo last spring and was swept away by what they were doing. It was fascinating and ahead of its time, in the best possible way. I loved every minute of it. ” – Marc Meyers
Unique in the realm of approaches to improvisational conducting, Go: Organic Orchestra utilizes a composed non-linear score consisting of sound and motion elements. These include tone rows, synthetic scales, melodies, linguistic shapes, intervallic patterns, textural gestures, modes, ragas, maqams, and plainchant. The score serves to provide material for both the improvisations and the orchestrations. Motion and forms and are generated through the application of the composer’s rhythm concept “Cyclic Verticalism” whereby polymeters are combined with additive rhythm cycles.

Henry Threadgill w/ Zooid & Flux Quartet
Thu Nov 11 – 8:30 PM
Henry Threadgill, aside from being a remarkable alto saxophone player, is one of the most imaginative of jazz composers today. “He seems to be deliberately challenging the audience: My lyricism and mastery come complete with thorns and spikes, and I promise to yank the props out from under you,” quoted John Litweiler, longtime Down Beat jazz critic, in an article he wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times. Threadgill was one of the founding members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, a Chicago group that was free-form, you might say, in its philosophy and approach. Tonight Threadgill is joined by his band Zooid and Flux Quartet: one of the most fearless and important new-music ensembles around,” (Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle) “who has a brought a new renaissance to quartet music,” (Kyle Gann, The Village Voice).

Henry Threadgill w/ Zooid & Talujon Percussion Quartet
Fri Nov 12 – 8:30 PM
Henry Threadgill, aside from being a remarkable alto saxophone player, is one of the most imaginative of jazz composers today. “He seems to be deliberately challenging the audience: My lyricism and mastery come complete with thorns and spikes, and I promise to yank the props out from under you,” quoted John Litweiler, longtime Down Beat jazz critic, in an article he wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times. Threadgill was one of the founding members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, a Chicago group that was free-form, you might say, in its philosophy and approach. Tonight Threadgill is joined by his ensemble Zooid and the Talujon Percussion Quartet: a percussion ensemble d escribed by the New York Times as an ensemble possessing an “edgy, unflagging energy”.

CHILDRENS CONCERT with Stephe Cooper $5
Sat Nov 13 – 2:00 PM
Once a month, Roulette opens its doors specially for tots and tweens, giving pre-K to fifth-graders the chance to listen and interact with adventurous, professional composers and musicians of a variety of genres. Come play instruments, explore wacky fun houses, listen to exciting new music, and experience sounds in a way you’ve never before!

Henry Threadgill + Zooid
Sat Nov 13 – 8:30 PM
Henry Threadgill ends his 3 day residency at Roulette with an evening of music with his band Zooid. More info TBA.

Joe Fonda, Billy Bang, Barry Altschul
Sun Nov 14 – 8:30 PM
Composer/bassist Joe fonda teams up with violinist Billy Bang and drummer Barry Altschul for an evening of improvised music. Fonda has performed with his own ensembles throughout the United States and Europe, and as a side man with Archie Shepp, Ken McIntyre, Lou Donaldson, Bill and Kenny Barron, Leo Smith, Perry Robinson, Dave Douglas, Curtis Fuller, Mark Whitecage, Marion Brown and Bill Dixon. Billy Bang is a violinist that refuses categories; from elegant free jazz and austere art music to playing on Bootsy Collin’s comeback album.

The M6 Ensemble: Meredith Monk Music Third Generation
Tue Nov 16 – 8:30 PM
The M6 is a vocal ensemble dedicated to continuing the legacy of legendary composer/singer/director Meredith Monk. The members of the group were among 19 singers chosen from around the world to participate in a professional training workshop offered by Monk and the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall in January 2006, culminating in the Meredith Monk Young Artists Concert at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall. Current repertoire includes Dolmen Music, Tablet, Three Heavens and Hells, Basket Rondo (a work-in-progress), and selections from Monk’s American Archeology #1, ATLAS, Book of Days, Facing North, Quarry, Songs from the Hill and Volcano Songs.

Gabrielle Herbst
Wed Nov 17 – 8:30 PM
Original music featuring composer/vocalist Gabrielle Herbst with the Kalmia String Quartet and special guests including Tristan Shepherd (turntables), Matthew O’ Koren (percussion) and Conor Brown (clarinet). Design and costumes by Allie Tsypin. Combining traditional notation with graphic scores and improvisation, the music is sensory and imagistic, pursuing an intimacy between instruments and voices, audience and spatial environment. Drawing from many influences she composes for her own and other voices with orchestra, chamber ensemble and electronics.

INTERPRETATIONS: Jon Gibson & Ralph Gibson / Alexandra Gardner & NOW Ensemble
Thu Nov 18 – 8:00 PM
An evening of stunning visuals and music from Jon Gibson and Ralph Gibson, and new electro-acoustic chamber works by Alexandra Gardner, featuring the NOW Ensemble. Music & Motion is Photographer/guitarist Ralph Gibson’s collaborative performance work with composer, multi-wind instrumentalist, and visual artist Jon Gibson. The work will incorporate Jon Gibson’s 1975 video piece entitled “One Way”, and Ralph Gibson’s film/performance work “Typography”. Electro-acoustic composer Alexandra Gardner and New York’s NOW Ensemble will present an evening of Gardner’s new and recent chamber works, featuring the premiere of “Mint Conditioner” for double bass and electronics.

Volume (III)
Fri Nov 19 – 8:30 PM
Volume (III) is an improvising quartet featuring electro-acoustic harpist Shelley Burgon, turntable-ist Maria Chavez, laptop artist Stephan Moore and electro-acoustic flutist Suzanne Thorpe. Harpist Shelley Burgon is a member of Stars Like Fleas and the chamber ensemble Ne(x)tworks. Peruvian avant-turntablist Maria Chavez’s work is focused on short solo electro-acoustic sound pieces using a collection of new and broken needles that she calls “pencils of sound” and a selection of records, which provide the palette. Suzanne Thorpe is a composer and performer of electronic music who enjoys revealing the peripheral consciousness, exposing coexisting perspectives and concurrent realities via composition, performance and installation.

COMPOST Q: Morgan Powell, Dorothy Martirano, Yu-Chen Wang, Erik Lund, Armand Beaudoin, Kirstie Simson
Sat Nov 20 – 8:30 PM
improvisation • composition • dance
A seasoned, multi-dimensional collective steeped in improvisation, composition, and dance presenting active, rich, organic, dark, loamy and finished collaborations. Performers include violinist Dorothy Martirano, trombonist Morgan Powell, Gu-Zheng player Yu-Chen Wang, bassist/cellist Armand Beaudoin, trombonist Erik Lund, and dancer Kristie Simons.

The Voicing of Progression – an Evening of Tributes to Composer/Guitarist/Educator Dennis Sandole
Tue Nov 30 – 8:30 PM
Featuring: Ian Ash – drums, percussion; Rob Brown – saxophone; Bruce Eisenbeil – guitar; David
In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Dennis Sandole’s passing, TVoP (a phrase from the Sandole lexicon) will be an evening of performances by a selection of artists who studied with the Maestro. Above all else, Dennis stressed creativity and individuality – some of his past students include John Coltrane, James Moody, Pat Martino, Rufus Harley, Randy Brecker and Sumi Tonooka. With this in mind, this evening has been curated by composer/ guitarist David First with the intention of demonstrating the length and breadth of Dennis’s inspiration and influence on some of the most important and forward thinking musicians of the past 50+ years.

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Upcoming New York Shows

Vision Festival
Image by andynew via Flickr

From Arts for Art:

October 10
At First Street Garden

· 2:30 pm : Jason Kao Hwang/Edge
Andrew Drury (dr) / Ken Filiano (bs) / Jason Kao Hwang (violin)
+ special guest Steve Swell (trmb)

· 3:30 pm : William Hooker Ensemble
Dave Ross (gtr), William Hooker (drums), Ras Moshe (sax)
Matt Lavelle (trumpet) & Ken Filiano (bass)

· 4:00 pm : The Downtown Horns
Roy Campbell Jr (trumpets, flute) / Daniel Carter (reeds,trp)
Sabir Mateen (reeds, piccolo)

October 17
InGardens Around the City

2 to 5 pm : Manhattan (LES)
First Street Garden (next to 50 E 1st Street btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
· 2:30 pm : Manzel Project
Zak Sherzad (reeds), Daniel Carter (reeds), Matt Lavelle (trp)

· 3:15 pm : “JuJu Duo”
Paul Harding Jr (poet) / Hilliard Greene Jr (bass)

· 4:00 pm : Chemistry Set
James Keepnews (acoustic gtr) Rebecca Schmoyer (classical gtr)
Daniel Carter (sax, trp, clarinet & flute)

2 to 5 pm : Manhattan (LES)
Dorothy Strelsin Memorial Garden(Suffolk Street btwn Houston and Rivington)

· 2:15 pm : Ras Moshe Ensemble Ras Moshe
Tom Zlabinger (sax)/Larry Roland (bass)

· 3:00 pm : Patricia Nicholson (dance) / William Parker (bass)

· 3:30 pm : Charles Gayle (sax) / William Parker (bass)

· 4:00 pm : I Don’t Hear Nothin’ but the Blues
Mike Pride (drums)/Jon Irabagon (alto)/Jason Roebke (bass)

2 to 5 pm : Manhattan (LES)
6th BC Botanical Garden (6th Street btwn Ave B and Ave C)

· 2:00 pm : Kali Z Fasteau

· 2:45 pm : Bradley Farberman (guitar)
Marco Cappelli (guitar), Steve Dalachinsky (words)

· 3:30 pm : POETS
Greg Fuchs, Francesse Maingrette

· 4:00 pm : Duo Niggenkemper/Loriat
Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)/Frantz Loriat (viola)

2 to 5 pm : Manhattan (LES)
Dias y Flores: 13 Street Garden (East 13th st between Ave A & Ave B)

· 2:00 pm : Bassentric
Albey Balgochian, Francois Grillot, Hilliard Greene (bass)
Jane Grenier B (words)

· 2:45 pm : Diana Wayburn Group

· 3:30 pm : Mariko Kumanomido(dance) /Francois Grillot (bs)

· 4:00 pm : Jackson Krall Secret Music Society
Richard Keene (tenor), Juan Quinones(gtr), Mark Hennen (keys)
Hill Greene (bass), Ted Daniels (trp), Jackson Krall (drums)

2 to 5 pm : Brooklyn (Crown Heights)
Walt L. Shamel Garden (Dean St. btwn Bedford and Franklin Av)

· 2:30 pm : Lorenzo Sanguedolce Solo (sax)

· 3:15 pm : Masahiko Kono Solo (trombone)

· 4:00 pm : Sabir Mateen’s Omni-Sound
Sabir Mateen (woodwinds) Matt Lavelle (trumpet)
Larry Roland (bass) Warren Smith (drums)

1:30 to 5 pm: Brooklyn (Windsor Terrace) Special Memorial for Bob Bowen

East Fourth Street Community Garden (btwn Fort Hamilton Parkway & Caton Ave.)

· 1:30pm : SLOG
Brian Drye (Trombone), Greg Joseph (Drums)
Bruce Williamson (Woodwinds) Khabu Young (Guitars)

· 2:15 pm : Ohad Talmor

· 3:00 pm : Jacob Garchik & Ben Gerstein Duo (trombone)

· 3:45 pm : Vincent Sperrazza

· 4:30 pm : Roy Nathanson Conduction

$10 per set/$15 for 2 sets/$20 for the night
Students/Seniors = $7 per set /$12 for 2 /$17 all night

October 11
($15 Tchicai set ) Students: $10 stu / $20 for 2 / $30 for eve

· 7pm : John Tchicai & William Parker Duo

· 8pm : Samita Sinha Solo
Samita Sinha (voice, electronics) [Indian experimental voc]

· 9pm : John Tchicai’s Six Points
John Tchicai (tenor)/Alex Weiss (alto, bari)
Rosie Hertlein (voice, violin)/Garrison Fewell (gtr)/Dmitry Ishenko(bs)
Ches Smith (drums)

· 10 pm : 9 Volt Circuistry
Rick Parker (elec.trombone)/Eyal Maoz (gtr)/Yonadav Halevy (dms)

October 18

· 7pm : Jeremiah Cymerman & Brian Chase Duo
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet/electronics)
Brian Chase (drums/electronics)

· 8pm : Ras Moshe Quartet + Vocalists
Ras Moshe (tenor sax, flute), Shayna Dulberger (bass)
Dave Miller (drums), Dave Ross (guitar), Katie Bull (voice)
Jean Carla Rodea (voice)

· 9pm : Vincent Chancey‘s Phat Chance
Vincent Chancey (french horn), Steve Bloom (guitar)
Jeremy Carlstedt (drums)

· 10pm : Kirk Knuffke Trio
Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Matt Pavolka (bass), Jeff Davis (drums)

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New York Composers' Orchestra 25th Anniversary Concert

Bill Frisell
Cover of Bill Frisell

From the New York Composers’ Orchestra:


Saturday, October 23
Shows at 8 & 10 pm
Tickets: $10
University of the Streets (UOTS)
Muhammad Salahuddeen Memorial Jazz Theatre
130 East 7th Street (corner of Avenue A) – 2nd floor


The New York Composers Orchestra (NYCO) celebrates its 25th anniversary this October with a reunion concert featuring original members and compositions. The innovative big band, which also has performances coming up in Portugal and Italy, will play music by Marty Ehrlich, Wayne Horvitz, Tom Varner, Robin Holcomb, and Bill Frisell, among others.


Marty Ehrlich (reeds), Doug Wieselman (reeds), Andy Laster (reeds), Briggan Krauss (reeds), Douglas Yates (reeds), Riley Mulherkar (trumpet), Ron Horton (trumpet), Zubin Hensler (trumpet), Andy Clausen (trombone), Chris Stover (trombone), Mark Taylor (french horn), Lindsey Horner (bass), Bobby Previte (drums), Wayne Horvitz (piano), Robin Holcomb (piano)

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31st Annual New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University

From Sequenza 21, a list of shows for this upcoming fest:

Thursday, October 21
Composer Talk – Robert Morris: 3:30 p.m., Bryan Recital Hall
Special guest composer Robert Morris discusses his works and compositional style.

Concert 1: 8 p.m., Kobacker Hall
A concert featuring chamber works performed by Duo Diorama (Winston Choi, piano, and MingHuan Xu, violin) and the BGSU New Music Ensemble, featuring dancers from Kayle + Company & The Architects.
Gifts (2009): Burton Beerman
…gradually… (world premiere, 2010): Robert Morris
Objet/Ombre (2008): Mikel Kuehn
SPP (2001): Philippe Leroux
O King (1968): Luciano Berio
Hot (1989): Franco Donatoni

Late-Night Performance, 10 p.m., Cla-Zel Theatre
A special “after hours” performance at the historic Cla-Zel Theatre in downtown Bowling Green, featuring DMA student and faculty performers from the College of Musical Arts, electric guitarist Derek Johnson and special guests. Includes works by Jennifer Hidgon, Louis Andriessen and others. Program to be announced from the stage.

Friday, October 22
Concert 2: 10:30 a.m., Bryan Recital Hall (*)
A concert featuring chamber works performed by students and faculty of the College of Musical Arts, featuring guest violinist Yehonatan Berick.
Un Lieu Verdoyant: Hommage à Gérard Grisey (1999): Philippe Leroux
Meandering River (2001): Robert Morris
Clockwork (1989): Sebastian Currier
Isabelle Dances (2010, world premiere): Steven Stucky

Concert 3: 2:30 p.m., Kobacker Hall
A concert of electroacoustic and chamber works, featuring guest performer Daniel Koppelman.
Mountain Streams (2009): Robert Morris
A Recipe for Disaster (2008): Andrew Martin Smith
Lamentation Alphabet: Aleph (after Tallis) (2006): Benjamin Broening
Derive (1984): Pierre Boulez
Dmaathen (1976): Iannis Xenakis
Quintuple Escapement (2003): William Kleinsasser

The Music of Robert Morris: 4:00 p.m., Bryan Recital Hall
Presentations on the music of Robert Morris, given by Dora Hanninen and Andrew Mead.

Concert 4: JACK Quartet, 8 p.m., Kobacker Hall
The acclaimed JACK String Quartet is breaking new ground with “viscerally exciting performances” (The New York Times) of “explosive virtuosity” (Boston Globe). Alex Ross proclaimed their performance of Iannis Xenakis’ complete string quartets as being “exceptional” and “beautifully harsh,” and Mark Swed (Los Angeles Times) called their sold-out performances of Georg Friedrich Haas’ String Quartet No. 3 In iij. Noct. “mind-blowingly good.”
Second String Quartet “Reigen seliger Geister” (1989): Helmut Lachenmann
Arc (1988): Robert Morris
Allegro Appassionata (2009): Robert Morris
String Quartet no. 2 (2010): Aaron Cassidy

Saturday, October 23
Concert 5: 10:30 a.m., Bryan Recital Hall
A concert of chamber and electroacoustic works performed by students and faculty of the College of Musical Arts, with guest mezzo-soprano Renee Clair.
Variations on the Variation of the Quadran Pavan and the Quadran Pavan by Bull and Byrd (1974): Robert Morris
Schemata (2010): Andrew Mead
Canto XX (2009): Samuel Adler
Long Path (2004): Kevin Ernste
The Long Way Home (2008): Elainie Lillios
Cantus (2008): Eric Nathan
Jelek (1961): György Kurtág

Concert 6: Duo Diorama, 2:30 p.m., Bryan Recital Hall
Duo Diorama – Chinese violinist MingHuan Xu and Canadian pianist Winston Choi – are compelling and versatile artists who perform in an eclectic mix of musical styles, ranging from the great standard works to the avant-garde.
Prisma (2006): Felipe Lara
Wrest (2006): Amy Williams
The Stream Flows (1990): Bright Sheng
a landscape of interior resonances (2001): Jeffrey Mumford
Clear Sky, Dark Cloud (2009, world premiere): Huang Ruo
Fragments (2006): Derek Johnson

Concert 7: 8 p.m., Kobacker Hall
Works for orchestra and wind ensemble, performed by the Bowling Green Philharmonia and Wind Symphony, featuring saxophone soloist John Sampen.
Northern Light (1997): David Liptak
Poetry of the Piedmont (2006): Stephen Jaffe
Pilgrimage (1997): Robert Morris
A Brandenburg Autumn (2006): Stephen Hartke
Wind (world premiere, 2010): Chen Yi
Mantras (2010): Narong Prangcharoen
Matins (2007): Marilyn Shrude

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