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Reedsman Sabir Mateen and drummer Steve Noble
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From NY’s Arts for Art:

October 3
· 2:30 pm: Golda Soloman (poet) / Larry Roland (bass)
· 3:15 pm : Maryanne Deprophetis Trio: Landon Knoblock (keys) Dean Johnson (bass), Maryanne Deprophetis (voice)
· 4:00 pm : Francois Grillot Trio: Catherine Sikora (tenor),
Anders Nilsson (guitar), Francois Grillot (bass)

October 10

· 2:30 pm: Jason Kao Hwang/EDGE: Jason Hwang (violin) guest Steve Swell (trb) Ken Filiano (bs) Andrew Drury (dr)
· 3:15 pm: William Hooker Ensemble: Dave Ross (gtr) Ras Moshe (sax) Matt Lavelle (trp) William Hooker (dr)
· 4:00 pm: The DownTown Horns -Roy Campbell (trp, fl) Daniel Carter (reeds, trp) Sabir Mateen (reeds, piccalo)

Evolving Music & Voice
@ The Local 269

October 4th
Akiko Pavolka’s HOI:
Akiko Pavolka (voice, keys) / Brad Shepik (guitar)
Matt Pavolka (bass) / Bill Campbell (drums)
JazzHag Tour 2010-2011:
Golda Solomon (words) / Michael T.A. Thompson (soundrhythium)
Christopher Dean Sullivan (bass artisan) / Dan Lipsitz (sax)
Gabriele Tranchina (vocals) / Larry Roland (poet)
Nate Wooley Quintet:
Nate Wooley (trumpet) / Josh Sinton (bass clarinet)
Matt Moran (vibes) / Eivind Opsvik (bs) / Harris Eisenstadt (dr)
Spiritual Power Trio:
Matt Lavelle (trp) / Hill Greene (bs) / Michael T.A. Thompson (dr)

October 11th
John Tchicai & William Parker Duo
Samita Singh Solo:
Samita Singh (voice, electronics)
John Tchicai’s Six Points
John Tchicai (tenor) / Alex Weiss (alto, bari)
Rosie Hertlein (voice, violin) / Garrison Fewell (guitar)
Dmitry Ishenko (bass) / Ches Smit (drums)
9 Volt Circuistry:
Rick Parker (elec. trombone)
Eyal Maoz (guitar) / Yonadav Halevy (drums)

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Jeremy Denk’s Ives, With Head, Heart and Humor

CharlesEdwardIves1913 part
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Mr. Denk argues that the Ives sonatas, composed early in the 20th century, are mistakenly categorized as avant-garde works rather than “epic Romantic sonatas with Lisztian thematic transformations.” To the casual listener, the music that Mr. Denk describes in the CD booklet as “brilliant, inventive, tender, edgy, wild, original, witty, haunting” can certainly sound avant-garde. Ives, who made his living in the insurance business, incorporated jazz, riffs on Beethoven and American hymns, marches and folk songs into his daringly experimental piano sonatas, rich in polytonality, thematic layering and rhythmic complexity.

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Angel City Jazz Fest to Showcase Six Nights of Performances

From LAist:

The festival kicks off tonight at REDCAT with a much anticipated performance by bassist Henry Grimes and a formidable combo including trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia, and LA-based vocalist Dwight Trible. Grimes made a name for himself with the likes of Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus, and free jazz pioneers Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp, and Cecil Taylor decades ago, before vanishing from the scene in 1967 and roughing it for the next three decades in downtown LA.

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