Fight the Big Bull: An American Band

From Jazz Times:

Leading a 10-piece ensemble that incorporates swing, rock, folk and free jazz in Richmond, Va., admits composer-guitarist Matt White, “can be like creating music in a vacuum.” So when Fight the Big Bull’s debut CD, Dying Will Be Easy, began to garner accolades, White and his bandmates felt they’d proved a point. “I wouldn’t say we have a chip on our shoulder,” White says, “but we’re here, we’re creating music, and we’re confident that what we’re doing is unique. I think that’s really kept people together.” Originally intended to be a demo, Dying Will Be Easy caught the ear not only of Clean Feed Records, who released it in 2008, but of two of White’s biggest influences: saxophonist Ken Vandermark and slide trumpeter Steven Bernstein, both of whom have gone on to collaborate with the band.