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From Musique Machine:

Various Artists – Brainkiller(boxset)
The ‘Brainkiller’ boxset brings together four c100 tapes worth of often thick & unchanging Harsh Noise wall matter, with the four acts involved offer up two fifty minute ‘walls’ a piece. The acts taking part here are Sarajevo based Smrznik, Croatian based Placenta Lyposuction, Italian based Fukte and last, but hardly least we have French based Vomir.

Hash – Self titled
Hash’s self titled debut album offers up one lengthy hour long track of tense, meshing & juddering Harsh Noise Wall matter, which keeps you nicely pined down & in-tranced through-out it’s running time.

Hour Of The Wolf – The Sun Became Black As Sackcloth Of Hair And The
This single sided 80 minute tape offers up two lengthy dwells in hope drenching, nasty & grim wall making from Norwegian based Hour of the Wolf– which is of course the HWN project of the highly prolific Andreas Brandal who is also in Flesh Coffin, Drevne Bolesti and many other projects.

Vomir / Ptomain – Split
This 12 inch vinyl split offers up a side a piece of thick ‘n’ nasty HNW from the French Wall master Vomir & the relatively new, but highly prolific German based HNW project Ptomain who first appeared last year & since has put out seventeen releases thus far.

Morgvir – Towards The Black Horizon
Morgvir are a one-man finish based black metal project who offer up mid-pace, ambient, lo-grade & horror licked synth Black mettlics. ‘Towards The Black Horizon’ is the projects forth released CDR album.

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