Seven Years of Avant Music News

On April 29th, 2003, I posted the first article on Avant Music News. 10,580 posts later, here we are.

For the most part, AMN is a one-person operation, and this one person works full time and is attending night school.

On a typical day, I get online early in the morning and sip my first cup of coffee while figuring out what to post on AMN. I read the emails and news-feed item submissions that have arrived overnight. I probably post around one article for every eight or so submitted. Thus, the 4-6 articles per day that I strive for at this site often requires culling through around 40 submissions per day. Throughout the day, as my schedule and Internet access allows, I will receive more submissions, and determine whether to post them immediately, save them for later consideration, or pass altogether.

Once I’ve decided to post an news article, I determine whether it is a short one-liner for Newsbits, or a more detailed piece that requires a dedicated article. Making this determination is often a judgment call based on factors including how well-known the artist / event is in the avant / creative music community, how many articles I’ve posted on similar events in the past, and how much time I have.

In many cases, the speed at which I get something posted depends directly on the organization of the information I receive. If a submission includes a link to an external site and a concise rundown of what is going on – e.g., tour dates, new reviews, new releases, etc., then it will probably be posted quickly. Otherwise, if I have to spend time formatting and editing the information, it could take me a day or two to get around to it.

I am also happy to receive promo copies of recordings, either via regular old mail or via a download site. However, it can take me days, weeks, or even longer to fully listen to such a submission. Thus, I’m usually backlogged in those matters. In fact, lately, I’ve been slipping further and further behind in all matters. I hope to catch up with some days off of work in the coming two weeks.

It is notoriously difficult to measure how big AMN has become. I run various traffic metrics on the site, but since many of you can read the site via the RSS feed or Facebook, I doubt any one number I pull out is accurate. But, I estimate that at least 300 people visit this site every day, and that there are about another 300 more casual readers.

So, one again, I’d like to thank everyone for the support and interest over the years. If anything, the amount of interest in this site and the amount of material that I could post proves that avant-garde music is alive and well all over the world, with performances somewhere every day and hundreds of new releases each year.

I’m looking forward to the next 365 days and beyond.


3 thoughts on “Seven Years of Avant Music News

  1. Nice post. Thanks for the insight into the inner workings of the AMN empire. And thanks more for 7 great years — the work is very much appreciated!

  2. One more item- please feel free, if so moved, to add my blog to your listed links. And FYI, Bagatellen folded months ago, RIP.

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