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From Musique Machine:

Jenks Miller – Zen Automata Volume One: V’
‘Zen Automata Volume One: V’ is all about very repetitive & looped machine like drones. It’s certainly not a easy listening by any means & I can see that a lot of people will not get on with this, but if like me you enjoy very repetitive sonic torture like HNW matter or stuck caustic drone music this could well be for you.

Slaughter-Fetus – Tribute To Eihi Shiina
Slaughter-Fetus are a industrially caustic Harsh Noise wall project from Louisiana. This nasty & violent 3” CDR is the projects tribute to Takashi Miike’s film Addition & films notorious, nasty & sadistic Needle torture scene.

Griz+zlor – Heavy Masonry
‘Heavy Masonry’ is all about creating a very thick & constant black jittering wall of evil sounding & murky static tone. Inside the black spray paint of black plastic case Griz+zlor offers up just over twenty minutes of grim, nihilistic yet rewarding ‘wall’ making.

Robe – Remains Of A Burning World
Like many noise activists within the experimental doom/dark ambient/sludge scenes, Indiana’s Kyle Willey and Adam Cooley have been hyperactive, producing around fifty releases over the past five years under various guises on CDr, cassette or MP3. Most of these are available to download free-of-charge with torrents seeded by the artists themselves.

Various Artists – The Harmonic Series: A Compilation Of Musical Work
Here is one of those compilations that seems like it’s going to be all fusty theoretical mummery but instead boots open a door to uncharted sonic lands. Most people will probably think the target audience for this disc is music students, but I’d wager most anyone reading a site like Musique Machine would find this fascinating. I know I did. It’s a little like the aural equivalent of a literary anthology from a language never previously translated into English: Wow, where has this stuff been all this time?

Female Harakiri – Chainsaw Majini
‘Chainsaw Majini’ is my first taster of this Japanese HNW act & this 3” cdr is one hell of a brutal, unforgiving & brain grinding attack; like the sonic equivalent of being attacked by a chainsaw that’s fully revered up & ready to split flesh ‘n’ bone.

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