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February Point of Departure

From Point of Departure:

Issue 27 – February 2010

Page One: a column by Bill Shoemaker

Jemeel Moondoc + Muntu: a history by Ed Hazell

A Fickle Sonance: a column by Art Lange

The Book Cooks: Up From the Cradle of Jazz: New Orleans Music Since World War II
by Jason Berry, Jonathan Foose and Tad Jones (The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press; Lafayette, Louisiana)
Creative Life: Music, Politics, People and Machines by Bob Ostertag (University of Illinois Press; Champaign, Illinois)

Far Cry: a column by Brian Morton

Moment’s Notice: Reviews of Recent Recordings

Ezz-thetics: a column by Stuart Broomer

Travellin’ Light: Michael Zerang

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