This Weekend at the IBeam

From Brooklyn’s IBeam:

January 29th

8:30 and 10:00pm

$10 suggested

Tonino Miano/Brian Groder and Evan Mazunik’s ZAHA

In celebration of their recent release of “Shoot the Sun” on Snapback Records, ZAHA will perform a set of live compositions by Evan Mazunik for quintet. ZAHA, an interdisciplinary performance company, creates architecture for the imagination through installations, instant compositions, multimedia collaborations, and educational outreach programs. Founded in 2006 by artistic/producing director Evan Mazunik, ZAHA creates live compositions that play with the balance between structure and freedom. Tonino Miano and Brian Groder will open the evening with a piano/trumpet duo of original works.

First Set:


Tonino Miano—piano

Brian Groder—trumpet

Second set:


Justin Wood—alto sax, flute

Frantz Loriot—viola

Sebastian Noelle—guitar

Ryan Kotler—bass

John O’Brien—drums

Evan Mazunik—live composition


January 30th

$10 Suggested

8:30 pm


Diana Wayburn (flute/piano/composition)

Justin Wood (flute/sax)

Dawoud Kringle (sitar)

Ryan Kotler (doublebass)

The ensemble will present original compositions based primarily in

polyrhythms from West Africa and European counterpoint. Composed

music is developed with improvisation and influenced by bebop, Indian

music and classical music.


Kevin Nathaniel Hylton – Mbira, Rattles

M. Salieu Suso – Kora

Tripp Dudley – Tabla

A collage of colors stretched over a canvas of space and time to

create a beautiful painting of sound… like an artist’s easel having

a conversation with itself. Kaleidhphonic, begun February of 2009, is

a group made up of tabla, kora, mbira & flute which fuses Indian and

African music.

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