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From Tigerasylum Records:

Mothguts with Herb Robertson – 08854 CDR
Jersey-style punk meets full-force free jazz. Featuring the legendary trumpeter Herb Robertson weaving through the 1, 2 punch of hard-core struts sewn together by Anthony Ware (alto sax), Ben Ross (drums), Mike Noordzy (bass), and Chris Welcome (guitar). Think Z’s, Ornette, Last Exit, the Minutemen or Sabbath.

The ballad of lester sample – By leroi da moor is ra washington CDR
Straight out of Cleveland, birth site of Albert Ayler, Rafeeq Washington is laying down his version of todays blues – an insight to what the revolution sounds like in disc form. Avant guard samples and rhythms mixed with low-fi bliss make this hard-hitting and soul searching excursion into spoken truth its own slice of magic. Give your brain a twist and pop this in. Remember, Ayler’s ghost is watching…

A SHRED-festival of unashamed force. At once cerebral, playing architectural mind games, a moment never goes by that doesn’t twist back into some jaw-dropping, fist-clenching visceral explosion. An ensemble cast featuring fifteen of Brooklyn and Philadelphia’s finest will leave you breathless, shouting (no, screaming!!!) for more. Featuring the compositions of Nick Millevoi (Many Arms, Joe Lally).

Personnel: Nick Millevoi: conductor, guitar | Adam Caine: guitar* | Drew Cecatto: EVI, tenor saxophone | David Fishkin: acoustic and electric tenor saxophone | Dan Scofield: alto saxophone | Daniel Blacksberg: trombone | Larry Toft: trombone | Alison Conard: keyboard* | John DeBlase: electric bass* | Matt Engle: upright bass | Robert Ludington: drums* | Pete Angevine: drums* | Eric Slick: drums | Eli Littwin: drums | Special guest: George Korein: performance art*

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