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Striborg – Southwest Passage
‘Southwest Passage’ follows the trend of recent Stirborg albums in offering shorter, often more straight forward metallic, rock & blackly punked songs, with a distinctive wonky gothic edge. But don’t panic Sin Nanna hasn’t gone all grim ‘n’ roll on us or for that matter all fist shaking 80’s retro metallic either- this is still squarely a Stirborg album with all the bleak, wonky & blacked wonder we’ve come to expect from Sin Nanna.

Lonesummer – What We Were
‘What We Were’ is the first highly off-kilter, unhinged & noisy  avant- grade black metal release by Philadelphia based project Lonesummer, which sees the project throwing all manner of surprising stuff at you along with often clamouring drums & blacked grunts.

Alo Girl – Curettage
‘Curettage’ offers up two ten minute sides of pummelling & hammering, yet at times almost harmonically laced Harsh Wall Noise from Italian project Alo Girl(aka Cristiano Renzoni- runner of the excellent Urashima label & the other half of Richard Ramirez’s An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter).

Order of Nine Angels – The Abyss Is The Gate
Order of Nine Angels is a one man project from Georgia USA who stir-up an clamouring, heady & dread filled mixture of: ritual noise, jittering static, dread-filling electro simmers & general noisy lined occult tinged atmospherics.

Churner – Vulturistic
‘Vulturistic’ finds the ever versatile talents of Churner conjuring up one long track of atmospheric noise craft that’s best described as Sci-Fi noise drone matter meets power electronics elements.

Death In June – Braun Buch Zwei
‘Braun Buch Zwei’ was originally issued as part of the long out of print 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of the classic Death In June album ‘Brown Book’. The disc features a fully re-mastered version of seven songs from the original ‘Brown Book’ album along with seven more remixed, re-recorded and rare versions of the remaining songs.

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