New Releases from Ayler Records

From Ayler Records:

Snus – Niklas Barnö, Joel Grip, Didier Lasserre
This trio was first put together by Marc Fèvre, the active foreman of parisian dynamic wine and free music venue, l’Atelier Tampon, for the celebrations of legendary bassist Alan Silva’s 70th birthday. Ayler Records liked this, and decided to record and produce a CD with the group a few months later. The meeting between the two swedes, Joel Grip and Niklas Barnö, and the frenchman Didier Lasserre, is a clash of free minds, nestled up in improvisation, stating their now’s with a firm but gentle slap in your face. Free music it is, and energ(et)ic all the more. A special blend of free jazz and free improv, a sophisticated mix of talents that tastes different, fresh and highly addictive.

Free Unfold Trio – Ballades
(J. Le Masson, B. Duboc, D. Lasserre)
The Free Unfold Trio ventures, and we with them, where many would instead turn round and go back : to the edge of the unknown, to secret places where an underlying depth permeates every gesture; where it feels good to lose oneself now and again. On the razor’s edge, in the open air, wandering about between silence and what’s unplayed. Four stretched out ballads, their melodies in dotted lines, as if diffracted, of dazzling brightness – gleaming seen as an art form.

Nuts (B. Duboc, R. Siddik, I. Oki, D. Lasserre, M. Sato)
Symphony for Old and New Dimensions
These men are calling home. These men are crying for home. For many a home. France. United States. Japan. Elsewhere… When Benjamin Duboc gathered these four men around him, he knew he had to bring forth an underlying intuition that the gathering, the very act of gathering individuals was the key of music-making today. NUTS is a playground of gathered individuals caught in the act of meeting each other. Live.

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