This Weekend at the ISSUE Project Room

From NY’s ISSUE Project Room:

01/08 @ 8pm – Peg Simone + Wrekmeister Harmonies + MV Carbon and Zach Layton duo
T (listen): the Sun is Leaking – Peg Simone Peg Simone, out of NYC, employs the slide to bone-chilling effect, fracturing raucous rock choruses and sepia-toned ballads into ghost images with its off-tuned eeriness & pure blues tones stuttering across hectic post-punk rhythms. Her upcoming release “Secrets From The Storm” is due in February/March 2010 & will […]

01/09 @ 8pm – Concord Ballet Orchestra Players + FORMA + A.R. Plovnick
Concord Ballet Orchestra Players Avant-kraut-psych-improv collective from Somerville MA utilizing synths, guitars, keyboards, theremin, drums and more. Members of Most Bitter, Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders, Reports, The Lothars, The Shrinking Islands, Abunai!, and more. Originally convened to perform a one-time live tribute to (German group) Faust — but then enjoyed playing together so much that […]