Travel through 'Spiritual Dimensions' with Wadada Leo Smith

Wadada Leo Smith
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From Frost Illustrated, a review of Smith’s Spiritual Dimensions.

Because of the instruments and the backgrounds of most of the members, the music usually is thought of as jazz. So, unfortunately, when it is categorized as such, many first time listeners come away shocked and confused. Truth is, this is something different. Yes, it has the improvisational aesthetic of jazz at its core as well as the Afrikan/African American cultural and spiritual vibe. But, this truly is new music with a new purpose—providing consciousness lifting as opposed to just giving some temporary emotional panacea to listeners. This ain’t party music!

While that description of the music might sound daunting, don’t take it that way. If you’re ever in need of some time to sit back and contemplate self in a productive manner, the new music is designed to help you do just that. And, if you’re looking for a starting point to give it a try, check out the appropriately titled “Spiritual Dimensions,” a recently released two-disc set by visionary trumpeter and AACM early member Wadada Leo Smith on Cuneiform Records.

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