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From All About Jazz:

Multitude, Solitude (Cuneiform Records)
Reviewed by John Kelman

Sun Ra
Sun Ra Quartet in Italy, 1978 (Art Yard)
Reviewed by Robert Dugan

Evan Parker
House Full Of Floors (Tzadik)
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

Medeski, Martin & Wood
Medeski, Martin & Wood: Radiolarians – The Evolutionary Set
Reviewed by Doug Collette

Manuel Mengis Gruppe 6
Dulcet Crush (Hatology)
Reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Paul Rutherford
Tetralogy (1978-82) (Emanem)
Reviewed by John Eyles

Anthony Braxton / Joelle Leandre
Duo (Heidelberg Loppem) 2007 (Leo Records)
Reviewed by Glenn Astarita

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