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From Musique Machine:

Church – Faceless
Faceless is a very disturbing, original, often organic & brooding mixture of atmospheric guitar textures, cleverly placed field recordings & all manner of creative yet often uneasy sound making.

Bodies Floating In the Bay – The Glimmer Of Darkness
Bodies Floating In the Bay may sound like the name of another straight-up Gallio influence slice of HNW, and through there elements of walled noise here this is a much more complex & detailed beast that`s difficult to put into one noise bracket or genre.

Alo Girl – Unsane
Unsane is the first official & full length sonic offering from Italian Harsh noise  project Alo Girl  which is all the work of  Cristiano Renzoni; runner of the Urashima label & the other half of Richard Ramirez An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter.

Nundata – Inudata
Nundata is a rather mysterious noise project I’ve seemingly been able to find little about…it’s even unclear were the project comes from some sources claim Japan others  Serbia. Inudata is the first of a trilogy of concept albums but like the project it’s self’s it’s difficult to find any info on what the story is behind the album the only clue we have is the track titles “Last Iceberg collapse” & “Tsunami Warrior”.

Terra Sancta – Disintegration
Terra Sancta is an Australian project who has been involved in the creation of the most arid and desolate soundscapes since the mid 90´s. “Disintegration”, their latest effort, is a full length CD release on US Malignant Records and is a monument of cinematic wasteland and deeply buried mysticism.

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