American Composers Orchestra – Fresh Orchestral Mix at Zankel Hall


“Traditions and Transmigrations” was the lofty title of the program the adventurous American Composers Orchestra presented at Zankel Hall on Monday night to open its 33rd season. The phrase was meant to convey that the chosen works for this concert, ably conducted by Stefan Lano, involved the blending of styles and represented aesthetic journeys for the various composers.

Maybe so. The real news, though, was that of the three world premieres, all commissions, performed here, two were exceptionally interesting: Donal Fox’s “Peace Out” for Improvised Piano and Orchestra, a catchy title for an arresting piece; and Erin Gee’s “Mouthpiece XIII: Mathilde of Loci, Part 1,” a mouthful of a title for a subtle and inventive piece. And two out of three winners is a good result for a new music concert.

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