Cuneiform Artists on Tour

From Cuneiform Records:

April 24 – Orion Sound Studios – 2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C – Baltimore, Md. 21230 (with Ergo)

January 9 – Winter Jazzfest in Manhattan – Bitter End – 147 Bleecker Street, New York, NY (9:45 pm) – special guest Gary Versace, piano
March – European tour

January 3 – Open Gate series, Eagle Rock – Los Angeles, CA
January 17 – Orange County Creative Music Collective series – Santa Ana, CA
March 28 – The Stone, New York City, NY

January 28 – Caffe Vivaldi – 32 Jones St (off Bleecker) – New York, NY
April 24 – Orion Sound Studios – 2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C – Baltimore, Md. 21230 (with Algernon)

June 19 – NEARFest – Zoellner Auditorium – Bethlehem, PA

January 16 – Jazzclub minden – Minden, Germany
January 17 – Club Hanseat – Salzwedel, Germany
January 18 – tba – Hannover, Germany
January 19 – Dumont – Aachen, Germany
January 20 – Workshop – Aachen, Germany
January 21 – Le Triton – Les Lilas (Paris), France
January 22 – Sonic – Lyon, France
January 24 – Bee-Flat – Berne, Switzerland
January 27 – Zeche Carl – Essen, Germany
January 29 – Tonne – Dresden, Germany
January 30 – Stellwerk – Hamburg, Germany
February 3 – Tel Aviv Jazz Festival – Tel Aviv, Israel

February 4 – The Stone – at the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street – NYC, NY (special reunion performance from the Knitting Factory and Cuneiform Records periods)

LED BIB [2009 Barclaycard Mercury Prize-Album of the Year!]
January 27 – The Rainbow – 160 High Street Deritend, Birmingham, UK
February 5 – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall – Rodewald Suite – Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BP, UK – 0151 709 3789
February 21 – Buxton Festival – Buxton, UK
April 21 – Leeds College of Music – Leeds, UK
April 22 – Tolbooth Arts Centre – Stirling, Scotland
June 27 – Real Ale Jazz and Blues Festival – Lichfield, UK
July 4 – Moseley Jazz Festival – Moseley, UK

February 5 – Five Towns College – Dix Hills, Long Island, NY 11746 (631) 424-7000 (with Napoleon Murphy Brock)
February 12 – Purdue University – Fort Wayne, Indiana (conducting/performing with the university jazz band and open to the public!)
February 13 – Purdue University – Fort Wayne, Indiana (conducting/performing with the university jazz band and open to the public!)
February 17 – Iridium – 1650 Broadway – Manhattan, New York, NY 10020 (212) 582-2121 : two sets at: 8:30 + 10:30 PM

April 17 – The Gatherings – St. Mary’s Hamilton Village (on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania) – 3916 Locust Walk (east of 40th & Locust) – Philadelphia, PA
April 18 – Orion Sound Studios – 2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C – Baltimore, Md. 21230

January 13 – Plough and Stars – 912 Mass Ave. – Cambridge, MA (617) 576-0032
January 21 – Vernissage Restaurant – 1627 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA, (617) 566-3340
February 11 – Amtrack Crescent Train – NYC to New Orleans

February 6 – CD release concert! – Centre culturel Jacques Franck – Bruxelles (Saint Gilles), Belgium (with guests Andy Kirk and Jean-Pierre Soarez)
February 20 – Alter Ego Festival – Espace Cultural Victor Jara – Place Van Zeeland 31 – Soignies, Belgium (32) 67347 426 (Magma will also be appearing at the festival. What a team-up!)

January 17 – BAR – New Haven, CT
March 5 – Ithaca Underground – Ithaca, NY
March 10 – The Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN


Open Ears Music: Andrew Weathers, Patrick Crossland, & Jeff Albert

From Open Ears Music:

This is the audio archive from 22 Dec 09. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.
Andrew Weathers (guitar and laptop)
AW’s Set (mp3)
Patrick Crossland (trombone, mutes, & things) (joined by Jeff Albert for later portion of set)
PC’s Set (mp3)
Andrew Weathers (guitar and laptop), Patrick Crossland & Jeff Albert (trombones)
Trio Set (mp3)

Rare Degree and Others at Sonic Circuits

From DC’s Sonic Circuits:

Friday January 15
Doors 730pm Music 8pm SHARP
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
located three blocks south of the silver spring metro station (red line)
Free parking in gated lot out front

Since their formation in 2006, rare degree has been active in commissioning, performing and presenting electroacoustic music throughout the United States and Europe. Comprised of saxophonist Michael Straus and bassoonist Dana Jessen, the duo frequently collaborates with composers, improvisers, dancers, and visual artists around the world.

Mindbreath Trio is an experimental ensemble consisting of Perry Conticchio (reeds), Daniel Barbiero (double bass) and Alan Munshower (percussion). The trio explores a spontaneous melodic prosody that translates thoughts and images from mind to breath to sound: Improvisation as exhalation of consciousness. Their approach fosters a conversational intimacy that combines the bodily presence and directness of jazz with the cerebral nuance of contemporary art music.

Trio O is Rich O’Meara (Silent Orchestra) on vibes and percussive textures , Kevin O’Meara (Videohippos, Blood Baby) on drums, crow bar and vocal textures and Gary Rouzer (Vector Trio, Nine Strings) on NS bass cello and amplified textures.

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

Sad-ish news from The Squid’s Ear, as Verge Music is shutting down. The lining on this dark cloud is that Squidco is going to take over the distribution of some of the labels Verge used to handle.

In any case, we have bunch of new reviews from the Squid folks:

Frode Gjerstad / John Edwards / Mark Sanders – Bergen
– Dave Madden

Olivier Capparos & Lionel Marchetti – Equus (Grand Vehicule)
– Dave Madden

Jessica Pavone – Songs Of Synastry And Solitude
– Massimo Ricci

Elton Dean’s Ninesense – Happy Daze + Oh! For the Edge
– Darren Bergstein

Ergo – Multitude, Solitude
– Darren Bergstein

The Nu Band – Lower East Side Blues
(Porter Records)
– Paul Serralheiro

La Casa, Eric / Jean-Luc Guionnet – Inscape. Lille-Flandres
– Jeph Jerman

Moscow Composers Orchestra & Sainkho Namchylak – Portrait of an Idealist
– Jeph Jerman

Various Artists – Three 7″ Records and 1 Various Artists CD
(Generate Records)
– Massimo Ricci

Anthony Braxton – Creative Orchestra (Koeln) 1978
– Kurt Gottschalk

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Drevne Bolesti – Self Titled
Drevne Bolesti is a HNW project that brings together Norwegian Andreas Brandal (Flesh Coffin, Hour of the Wolf, etc) & Sarajevo based Sebastian Crnich (Smrznik, Ïîòåðÿííàÿ Ãîðëà ). This self titled is the projects first release & it offers up one long 40 minute track entitled ’Ancient Diseases’ which is a thick & weather beaten wall of crunch & batter.

Mortuor – I’m Waiting For You…
´I´m Waiting For you…´ is a psychotic ranted slice of nasty sounding death industrial & slowed murderous Power electronics rants that very much bring to mind a more focus, less wondering & song biased take on Atrax Morgue.

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

From Free Jazz:

Bradford, Gjerstad, Håker Flaten, Nilssen-Love – Reknes (Circulasione Totale, 2009) ****

Donat Fisch & Christian Wolfarth – Circle & Line 2 (Leo Records, 2009) ****½

Lorenzo Sanguedolce & Michael Bisio – Live At The Yippie (NoBusiness, 2009) ***

Carla Bley – Carla’s Christmas Carols (WATT, 2009)

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Best of Best of 2009

I’ve already said my piece on the best of 2009, but here is an opportunity to present the opinions of others. Over the last month or so, I’ve collected some of the more interesting and relevant “best of” lists, that focus on music likely to be within the AMN scope.

So, welcome to the best of the best of 2009.

The Village Voice
Howard Mandel
NPR’s Take Five.
Jason Crane
Music and More
Stuart Broomer
Susanna Bolle
Laurence Donohue-Greene
Derek Taylor
Adam Strohm
Nate Chinen
Ben Ratliff
Francios Couture
Destination Out
Jim Macnie
Brett Saunders

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