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From Musique Machine:

Hour of The Wolf – I Doubt The World To Be
“I Doubt The World To Be” is the first (walled) sonic fruits of Norwegian noisemaker & grim mood setters Andreas Brandal (Flesh Coffin,Drevne Bolesti, KRAFFT , Larmoyant, Lupus Golem, Monofilament, Nullpluss, Torture Gnosis, and joint Twilight Luggage label runner) new project. The disc offers up two near on 20 minute slices of thick, crunching yet often active & brutally enjoyable HWN.

Sharron Kraus & Freinds – Right Wantonly A-Mumming
Right Wantonly A-Mumming finds Sharron Kraus offering up a wonderful, varied & wholly consistent collection of 14 seasonal based folk tracks- some based on traditional tunes others written purely for the album. The tracks going from: rising & buoyant, onto quirky, through heart achingly beautiful down to haunted & more than a little creepy.

Clew of Thesues – Meridian
Ben Brucato(aka Clew of Thesues) producers some of the most disorienting and haunting sounds in the modern noise scene; and with his label Cathartic Process ( one of the absolutely best operating today) he continues putting out an impressive quality of release.