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From Musique Machine:

Vomir – Proanomie
Proanomie is one of the most unforgiving, punishing, dense & tar-black examples of the Harsh Wall Noise genre ever created. It finds ‘black plastic bag on head’ French manic Vomir (aka Romain ‘Roro’ Perrot) offering up near on 80 minutes of churning, repetitive & caustic HWN omissions straight into your head-space.

Black Boned Angel – Verdun
“Verdun” is the fourth full length, non cdr or ltd album from Campbell Kneale’s (Birchville Cat Motel) doom & dramatic metallic instrumental project Black Boned Angel. And it finds him offering up another single long near on hour track of doomed riff craft, dramatic & filmatic laced metallic’s.

The Golden Serenades – Hammond Pops
The Golden Serenades bring together three respected noisy & caustic jam makers in the form of: John Hegre (Jazkamer, Der Brief, John Hegre’s Origami Replika, Kaptein Kaliber & Noxagt), Jørgen Træen(Der Brief, House Of Hiss, Kaptein Kaliber, Toy , Ullan Gensa) & Sigbjørn Apeland( mainly solo work on labels such as Rune Grammofon, Morild, Clearspot). This is the projects 8th release since they formed back in 2003.

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