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GA’AN – Self Titled
Call me quick to categorize, but I’d say that this stuff is heavily influenced by 70s prog rock. I’ve dabbled in trying to find the goods within that “genre”, and I’ve come up with a lot of lengthy solos on the fringes of disco, among other perfectly fine things. Being that “progressive” is a difficult umbrella to swim under, I wonder if there is some kind of contemporary neo-prog movement flourishing under my radar.

Ryan Bloomer – Bully Hiss
Bully Hiss finds Canadian noise-technician Ryan Bloomer (Piss Horn, Stegm & Flatline Construct) offer up a c30 cassette worth of detailed, shifting & often quite complex noise matter that mixes elements of: Harsh Noise Wall, static crunch & texturing, juddering faulty engine textures, and even at times dramatic almost harmonic drone edgers.

Vice Wears Black Hose – Part 3
Vice Wears Black Hose is a Harsh Noise Wall project that brings together two of the most celebrated & respected HNW makers around in the form of: Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus, Werewolf Jerusalem, solo work & 20 or so other projects) and Sam McKinlay Aka The Rita. Each part of this project release has being on a different formats with Part 1 on tape, part 2 on CD(reviewed here)and this third part is on 12 inch vinyl.

Nurse With Wound – Paranoia in Hi-fi
Paranoia in Hi-fi is basically one long 70 plus minute track of morphing & shifting sound-worlds that taking in most NWW’s unique, quirky & often varied 30 years career of sound making; it’s sort of like a very tripped-out & melted together best of. And the best thing about it all is it only costs £0.99 ! (That’s about a $1.50 for stateside friends).

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead – Lost In Reflections
The Swedish underground has been spitting some of the most un-subduable sonic creatures in recent years, and it has been doing that in a way that is both eclectic and revealing a sense of union, some sort of “swedishdom”. Even if they differ purely in terms of sound, there is a common approach when it comes to aesthetics and overall intuition towards music. From warm, floating drones to the most vicious no-fi punk rock, from DIY psychedelic to the most tortured and haunted harsh noise projects, Sweden has been spreading all its sonic diseases with no remorse.

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