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R. Stevie Moore – Me Too
Before the likes of Ariel Pink, The Animal collective & John Maus; R. Stevie Moore was making odd, off- kilter pop & singer songwriter music that mixed all manner of genres in a quirky & often ramshackle, but strangely inspired manner. This fabulous compilation brings together of a selection of his work from the mid 70’s up to the early 90’s.

Splinterskin – Wayward Souls
Splinterskin is a one-man project who offers up macabre, horror fuelled, autumnal simmered & strummed dark folk. “Wayward Souls” is the projects debut album and it takes you deep into Splinterskin’s sinister,atmosphric & at times darkly fairground wonky sonic world.

Folkstorm – Sweden
Following on from Cold Springs Reissue of the punishing & nihilistic “Victory or Death”; this is another worthy reissue from Folkstorm’s back catalogue. The album was originally released back in 2004 in an ltd form – but this is the deserved first unlimited pressing.

Tarwater – Donne-Moi La Main(OST)
Donne-Moi La Main is Tarwaters first foray into soundtrack craft & it finds them creating a highly enjoyable & often memorable mixture of electronics & rural instrumentation; which easily mangers to work as a stand alone release in its own right away from the film.

Hyadningar – The Weak Creation
Hyadningar are an often speedy, technical, yet grim melodic French black metal five piece & The Weak Creation is their second full length. And though there not as ‘out-there’ or as experimental as some of their country mens take on blacked metal; this is a consistent, well executed & often epic slice of black metal craft.

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