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From Musique Machine:

Josh Lay – True Mask
True Mask is an engaging & atmospheric sonic psychodrama in four parts that takes in elements of brooding & gritty cinematic noise matter, panicked yet atmospheric black art guitar flays, grim & emotional pained black metal growls, and generally troubled grimy ambience & pained/ atmosphere heavy noise matter.

Isolrubin BK – Crash Injury Trauma
Isolrubin BK was Brian Williams (of Lustmord) carcrash themed industrial & noise project & this is a much deserved reissue of the projects one & only album from 1993 which sees William brew-up a very grim & violent mixture of car crashing samples, sirens, smashing glass, screams, car & crash related dialogue sanples, and all manner of car crash related sonics.

Vomir/ Selymes Viragszirom – Self titled
This is a crudely & violently coarse two way Hash Wall Noise split between Frances notorious blacked bag Vomir & Polish now sadly defunct project Selymes Viragszirom. Each project offers up a twenty mintue or near example of high-end blacked HWN.

Starving Weirdos – Into An Energy
Into An Energy finds the Starving Weirdos offer up quite a sleek , often lushly produced & filmatic take on their atmospheric, distinct improvised & heady psychedelic soundscapes.

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