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Eyeless in Gaza – Summer Salt and Subway Sun
Eyeless in Gaza have been around for ages, or about thirty years to be more accurate. Martyn Bates and Peter Becker have been going their own way musically since about 1980. They soldiered through a long period where their brand of English Folk-infused weirdness was unfashionable, and largely ignored. As a result of the recent semi-boom associated with Folk music of all fringes, the duo have been given a bit of exposure for their past work. Having said all of that, Summer Salt and Subway Sun is closer to the gothic post-industrial scene than folk, illustrating the fact that Bates and Becker haven’t been sitting still all these years.

Merzbow – Somei
The grim & lo-fi black ‘ n’ sliver pictures of graveyards that make up the artwork for “Somei” are very fitting for the albums lo-fi, stark & grimy garage sound which sees Merzbow offering up three lengthy noise & coarse percussion brutal work-outs.

Churner – Xxuum’r
Xxuum’r finds US noise project Churner offer up three very consistent & effective tracks of see-sawing & shifting texture noise matter; which seems to be built from guitar abuse, peddle feed-back & caustic electro manipulations.

Remlap – Thoughtful or Empty
‘Thoughtful or Empty’ offers up two twenty minute slices are fairly active & crashing ‘furnace roar like’ wall noise from this project by Oakville US noise artist Jake Vida who also runs Pointless Blank Rec.

Arktau Eos – Ai Ma Ra
Ai Ma Ra is the third album from mysterious finish ritual/ occult ambient project Arktau Eos & for the most part it finds the collective moving away from the percussive ritual bound sound of the past to forge a grim & strange mixture of funeral like eerier dirges & drones, thick & bleak expanses of slowly shifting gong & gloomy guitar tone, and twanging & gloomy middle eastern sounding stringed music under hang by ritual chants.

Wet Hair – Dream
Wet Hair is the new project from Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes of the now defunct stumbling & freeform punk meets folk project Raccoo-oo-oon. And through you can hear hints of the pair past band with-in Wet Hair on the whole “Dream” sounds a lot more tuneful, rising & slowed space jam like then Raccoo-oo-oon’s often swirling & cluttering freeform sound.

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