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From Musique Machine:

Walter Gross – LA Pink Filth
LA Pink Filth is surely one of the most bizarre, unhinged & ‘not sticking to rules’ Instrumental DJ & sample record you’ve ever likely to come across. You see Walter Gross builds & makes his sonic wears from all manner of sounds & sonic matter you don’t usually associate with hip- hop or Dj based work we have here: noise matter, heavily droning & doomed guitars, unnerving field recordings, and uneasy drone expanses- all of which make LA Pink Filth the truly distinctive, puzzling & often strangely rewarding record it is.

The Kittiwakes – Lofoten Calling
The Kittiwakes are a rather wonderful british folk trio that manage to nod towards past yet offer up something fresh, a little different & distinct. This is their rather fabulous debut which is a concept album based around the stories & folk tales of the Lofoten islands which are just off the Norwegian coast.

Toby Dammit – Satanik
Satanik finds Toby Dammit offer up a c46 cassette worth of sleazed & crude yet grimily entraining & often inventive noise attack & wonky power electronics rants. The album is dedicated/ influenced by the supernatural themed Italian horror comic that ran from ’64 to ’74.

Sylvester Anfang II – Sylvester Anfang II
Sylvester Anfang II finds originally occult tinged primitive folk freak ‘n’ bash Belgium collective Sylvester Anfang morphing into a more off -kilter 70’s bash & chug Psychedelic Occult rock, krautrock churn & muffled ritual affair.

Fabio Orsi & Seaworthy – Near & Faraway
Near & Faraway is a beautiful realized, haunting, often lushly harmonic & warming collaboration between two of today’s most consistently rewarding ambient artists & sonic mood setters. Involved we have Australian electro/ acoustic project Seaworthy with often their often guitar linked ambience & Italy’s Fabio Orsi who also users guitar elements as well old synths & field recordings to create his rich ambient canvas.