ESP-Disk’ Live Shows

ESP-Disk’ is kicking off a new series of shows in NY.

ESP-Disk’ is proud to announce a new monthly music series at the Jazz Lounge (520 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11205), starting Tuesday, October 6th. On the first Tuesday of every month, ESP will feature emerging artists from the New York music community as well as artists from the ESP-Disk’ catalog.

ESP-Disk’ LIVE @ The Jazz Lounge
Tuesday, October 6th 2009

Eli Keszler
Ashley Paul

Eli Keszler Live at the Mills Gallery by Rare Frequency.
Multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler is one of a coterie of exciting new Boston-based musicians whose music pushes the boundaries of noise, drones, improv, and electro-acoustic composition. Using a variety of percussion instruments, as well as guitar and electronics, Eli creates intense drones and fast, rhythmically complex pieces. In addition to his solo work, he currently plays in a number of ensembles including a new trio with keyboardist Anthony Coleman and reed-player/vocalist Ashley Paul, a duo with guitarist Geoff Mullen, and a longstanding partnership with fellow multi-instrumentalist Steve Pyne called Red Horse. He has a pair of CDs out on REL, both of which showcase his extraordinarily dynamic playing.

Hans Tammen “Endangered Guitar” (ESP 4031)

In hundreds of solo performances since 1993, Hans Tammen has explored the sounds of concert halls and small clubs with an assortment of mechanical contrivances applied to his modified “endangered” guitars, interactive software programming, and stereo and multichannel sound systems. His music has been described as an alien world of bizarre textures and a journey through the land of unending sonic operations.

His instrument is a hybrid between a guitar and a computer, designed to react with the resonant frequencies of the room. It constantly records his sounds, and the information from the analysis of these sounds and the playing determines a wide variety of processes. This makes every performance a site-specific one, bringing the sonic qualities of the surrounding conditions to the listener’s attention.

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