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Sisternatus – Sensitive Disturbance
After an impressive & promising debut a few years back Canadian noise/ dark ambient project Sisternatus return here with a very effective, at times devastating but always atmospheric follow-up.

Kreng – L’Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu
Kreng’s creepy noir & darkly cinematic debut album hovers like a doomed angle between jazz, doomed classical tone, haunted house discordant piano pitter-patter, creepy junkyard music, retro electroinca & aged oily black ambient swoons & descends; at times it almost feels like a slowed nightmarish & drowsy instrumental hip-hop album

Satori – Kanashibari
This is a reissue of Satori’s out-print ltd vinyl only released album from 2007 & it finds the duo of Neil Chaney (Pessary) and Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring boss) summoning up a selection of enjoyable mid-pace to slowed industrial beat & sinister bass line ribbed Dark ambient tracks.

Amesoeurs – Self Titled
French Post-Black metal band Amesoeurs self titled debut is a memorable & distictive mixture of black metal, metal craft in general, 80’s indie Shoe-gazing guitar female pop, New wave wondering bass lines & shimmering, dramatic Post- rock.

Agnivolok/Chaos as Shelter – Henbane
Henbane is a intriguing & haunting mixture of early recordings from Agnivolok who offer up a distinct brand of Russian toughed avant neo Folk & Chaos as Shelter who offer up quite primal & world music licked ambient industrial tone; the thing that links both projects is of course the always talented & highly creative Israeli musician Vadim Gusis who’s the key writer for both projects.

Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar & Green Ar – Westerbotten
Westerbotten is a cluttering, brooding and ill-at-easy meeting between two Swedish projects Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar & Green Army Fraction. The album sits in a grim gully between bleak noises simmer, pungent & earthy ambience, crashing/ murky gamelan discord & the odd wonder into sludge doom tone

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