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Various Artists, Before We Melt (IVDT)
With the funny photo on the cover and the title chosen for this collection, it´s hard to know whether the idea around which this release revolves is to create flurries of “Arctic ambient”, to remind us about that Inconvenient Truth we´ve heard so much about, or to just have a nice winter lark. … [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 09:51, 13 Sep 2009

3 Seconds of Air, The Flight of Song (Tonefloat)
Belgian soundscaper Dirk Serries laid his serene Vidna Obmana project down several years ago in order to concentrate on darker and more obtrusive things as Fear Falls Burning. With 3 Seconds of Air, he would seem to be – consciously or not – retro-fitting a bridge between these two modes of thought… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:14, 13 Sep 2009

Celer, Discourses of the Withered (Infraction)
As Celer hove up onto the horizon as a seriously talented new source of fascinating ambient composition, the duo released two albums simultaneously on Infraction, one of the genre´s finest boutique labels. The late Danielle Baquet-Long played the strings and made the field recordings (mostly in… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:40, 12 Sep 2009

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