The Electric Ascension Film Project is Looking for a Grant Writer

John Rogers is making a film about ROVA and is looking for some help. Contact him if you have experience and time to work on grants.

The Electric Ascension film project is looking for a grant writer with experience in the avant-garde art and music world.

A documentary is underway about the Rova Saxophone Quartet‘s re-incarnation of John Coltrane‘s milestone free-jazz recording from 1965, Ascension; famously called “…the single most vexatious work in jazz history” by Gary Giddins, and on its release, “…possibly the most powerful human sound ever recorded,” (William Mathieu, Down Beat). The film revolves around the impact of the original Ascension recording, and its re-emergence in a series of turbulent live performances by the large electrified ensemble Orkestrova. Separated by forty years, the two works serve as gateways for audiences to engage with the continuum of American experimental music, and John Coltrane’s contentious late period.

Contact John Rogers,, in Berkeley, (510) 647-5051

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