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Brown Wing Overdrive – Organism
Brown Wing Overdrive are a three piece project from New York who Spew-up this chaotic, dada lined & insane mixture of noise, deranged electro acoustics,runaway electronics, weird vocalising and general unhinged sonic mayhem & tomfoolery with slight ritual and ocultic leanings.

Marc Hannaford – Polar
Polar is the second album by Australian jazz pianist Marc Hannaford & unlike his first album which found him using the services of respected Australian jazz improviser Scott Tinker, Ken Edie & Philip Rex, Polar finds him flying completely solo to create an album that mixers complex, energetic & angular compositions with melodic traces and keen atmospheric ear.

Peste Noire – Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor
This is the third full length album from highly distinctive French rough ‘n’ ready black Metal visionaries Peste Noire & it finds the band delivering another fine and rowdy mixture of blacked metallic’s, NWOBM/ punk, lo-grade prog, Medieval riffling, a very distinct French sonic flavour & all manner of surprises edger’s and quirks with-in each track

Torturing Nurse & Cassa Ufficio Malattie – Songs for Zev Asher Before He’s Dead
This is a long form noise baiting ‘n’ boiling collaboration between Chinas Torturing Nurse & Italy’s Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali that was recorded live sometime in 2007 live in Shanghai.

Wolf Eyes – Always Wrong
Always Wrong finds Wolf Eyes in fine juddering, sweat drenched & foul sonic form nicely mixing their more noisy side with their more grim and pained cinematic side.The album really comes off as a rewarding and battering cross breed between Burn Minds caustic noise industro punk & Human Minds sleazed jazzed filmatic and dungeon like air.

TU M’ – Monochromes Vol.1
TU M’ are Italian multimedia duo who create revolving & lush electronic chamber music that very much brings to mind William Basinski way of working but with a more electronic ambient feel to the work.

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