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From Musique Machine:

Death In June – Lesson One: Misanthropy
Lesson One: Misanthropy is a rather bleak, yet creative & largely consistent compilation of very early Death In June material, which also has the added extra of a short DVD featuring the bands original line up when they performed a one off reunion in 1998.

Churner – Terminal Disorder
Terminal Disorder is a long form guitar & feedback piece that dips into roaring and frying noise textures, as well as more dramatic cinematic tone structures and the odd nod towards feedback engulfed doom or blacked metal matter and blacked ambient guitar texturing.

Blanketship – The Sound That Surrounds You/Klangwunder
This rather neat little package brings together two eps from turntable and sample manipulator extraordinaire Blanketship (aka Jared Blüm) who’s part of quirky, inventive and mostly always rewarding San Francisco based label/ collective Gigante Sound.

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