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18-Aug-09 Dave Holland / Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Chris Potter / Eric Harland
The Monterey Quartet: Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival (Monterey Jazz Festival Records)
Reviewed by Mark F. Turner

18-Aug-09 Tom Abbs & Frequency Response
Lost & Found (Engine Studios)
Reviewed by Jerry D’Souza

17-Aug-09 Horace Tapscott
The Dark Tree (Hatology)
Reviewed by Chris May

16-Aug-09 Medeski Martin & Wood
Medeski Martin & Wood: Radiolarians III (Indirecto Records)
Reviewed by Doug Collette

16-Aug-09 Peter Kowald / Vinny Golia
Mythology (Kadima Collective)
Reviewed by Nic Jones

15-Aug-09 Boris Savoldelli / Elliott Sharp
Protoplasmic (Moonjune Records)
Reviewed by Nic Jones

14-Aug-09 Hatfield and the North
Hatfield and the North: Hatfield and The North / The Rotters Club (Esoteric Recordings)
Reviewed by John Kelman

14-Aug-09 Tafillalt
Tafillalt (Tzadik)
Reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

13-Aug-09 Anekdoten
Chapters (Kscope Music)
Reviewed by John Kelman

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