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Sole – Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle sees Sole returning to a more Hip-hop & rap based feel after the excellent genre melting Sole and the Skyrider band album. Desert Eagle’s tracks are built around muffled hip-hop beats, musty and aged synth lines, plus the odd touches of sample craft. Sole also returns to a more traditional rap based vocal after the singining/ harmonic touches that appeared on Skyrider band album; But worry not Sole hasn’t sold out on us and gone all mainstream rap; this still keeps Soles vision and sound squarely in place.

Black Vomit – Jungle Death
With a band name like Black Vomit and an album title like Jungle Death you maybe expecting gore drenched Death Metal or grindcore; but instead Jungle Death is a heady, shifting and dammed psychedelic collision of post rock, cut-up & often mangled black metal riffs, electroncia, ambience and all manner of off-kilter mood setting dwell ‘n’ shift.

Z’ev – Sum Things
Sum Things finds percussionist, drone maker and experimental creative force Z’ev building a very primal, dark and brooding album which brings to mind ancient strange burial grounds, eerier subterranean caverns, and a sort of prime evil and dark gone wrong spiritual presence.

6 Comm – Like Stukas Angels Fall
Like Stukas Angels Fall is a recently re-recorded album of classic tracks from wonderfully 6 Comm project that aptly mixes together: Electro, theatrical pop, Folk, Classical influencers, Martial rhythms & all manner of Experimental touches.

Folkstorm – Victory Or Death
This is a reissue of Folkstorm’s unforgiving, bleak, and military and death toned slice of death industrial meets harsh percussive noise attack that is Victory or Death.

The Incredible String Band – Tricks Of The Senses
Tricks Of The Senses is a wonderful presented and wholly rewarding double disk collection of unreleased and rare recordings from the mould breaking psychedelic folk/ world music collective The Incredible String Band.

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