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Ronnie Sundin — Seven Year Silence (Fangbomb)

Based in Sweden’s third largest city, Malmo, trained artist and DIY noisenik, Ronnie Sundin, was given the sobriquet of “Sweden’s most silent man” on the basis of his two previous releases – Morphei on the label Hapna in 2002, and later Hägring on the experimental noise label, Antifrost. In each of these releases, Sundin was […]

Tarab — Take all the ships from the harbour, and sail them straight into hell.

Oscillation, metal scraping on metal, dragged, large space, little sounds, pushing and pulling, drawing sounds from a well, giving way to a larger atmosphere, looks upwards, the movements made in the space, following ears and eyes, sense of touch, crunching and crackling, ebbs and flows, capturing dead industry, utilising abnormal machinery, thousands of automatons, mechanical […]