Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

08/05 @ 8pm – Franck Vigroux (electronics, guitar) Matthew Bourne (piano, synth) featuring Ellery Eskelin (saxophone) Lambic Jones
Following the release of their highly acclaimed duo album ‘me madame (good news from wonderland)’ on D’Autres Cordes (d’ac 5002) earlier this year, Franck Vigroux (France) and Matthew Bourne (UK) make their debut appearance here in New York. A passion for intense counterpoint, analog synthesizers and extremes of texture ensure that this concert will be […]

08/06 @ 8pm – Gleason’s Twins Michael Beharie
Gleason’s Twins is an ensemble obsessed with the blur between speech and music, word and sound. The duo performs a kind of modern art song in which the group sets its own poems, infusing pre-composition with improvisation. With an unusual and spare instrumentation, voice and trumpet, they seek to expand the sonic ranges of their […]

08/07 @ 8pm – Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra William Hooker w/David Soldier Sabir Mateen Braithwaite
Brooklyn, NY, July 6th, 2009 —-When composer and musician Ben Miller takes the stage at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn on Friday August 7th, he will trade his guitar for a conductor’s baton, and lead his 15-piece saxophone ensemble, the Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra (SSO), through a rousing evening of musical […]

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