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From Musique Machine:

Hoor-Paar-Kraat – In Eros Veritas
In Eros Veritas stands as some of most musically based, noise tinged and dense material released thus far by this project- that’s best described as surreal soundscape making that mixes in elements of drone matter, field recordings, and various other genre traits to make something that is difficult to define in one genre but is very distinctive and highly heady stuff.

Halo Manash – Am Kha Astrie
This is the new ritual based occultic ambient work from Halo Manash and the Finnish label/occult collective Aural Hypnox. It sees a denser & more percussive based feel arising with in the collectives sound; through there’s still that very distinctive atmospheric, timeless, other and creepy air running through the release that all Aural Hypnox releasers have.

KK Null/ John Wiese – Mondo Paradoxa
Mondo Paradoxa is an heated ,atmospheric and rollercoaster like meeting of KK Null’s pulsing & dense Sci-fi electronica and Wiese’s searing noise storms and ear burns.

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