Led Bib Nominated For Mercury Prize

From Jazzwise:

Ornette Coleman influenced post-punk jazz group Led Bib led by US-born drummer Mark Holub have been nominated for the Mercury Prize just announced today for their Cuneiform records album Sensible Shoes. The Bib comprises Holub with a front line saxophone attack of Pete Grogan and Chris Williams, keys player Toby McLaren and bassist Liran Donin. The band performed recently at Meltdown curated by Ornette Coleman himself. Mark Holub told Jazzwise that he felt “elation and surprise” at the news. “We were so excited to get it. It means so much in terms of exposure and getting the music across. I studied populism and the avant garde at Leeds, John Zorn and all that, and we’re staying true to the vision and reaching people. It’s not a really-out record but it’s not a pop record, is it? Getting the call for Meltdown was pretty much as good as it gets. Ornette is a very early hero and I went to hear him on the Sunday as well. Oh wow, we were part of that.”

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One thought on “Led Bib Nominated For Mercury Prize

  1. Led bib !!!! What a BAND !!!!!!!!!!! great 2 front line and fantastic keyboard player. however the fun begins down under with top drums (mark) and grinding bass (liran) they got something new to offer every track on the record, be aware that this is not the usual r.section you’d expect so watch them two rising ! you have to see those dragons playing live.

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